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Thread: rick mayer seats

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    Angry rick mayer seats

    So I went to the Redmond Oregon rally in July
    saw a lot of great people and beemers.
    I spent way too much but isn't that why we go? to get the coolest things we can't live without.
    My wife and I bought a custom made seat from rick Mayer saddles in Anderson Ca.
    They had a r1100rt in their booth just like the one we ride
    so we sat on it and fell in love with the comfort.
    we got measured, choose our color and put half down.
    I sent my seat in a week before the Sept 1 start date they gave me, all was good they said it would take 7 to 10 working days, no problem I thought, at worst 2 weeks total with shipping and all, boy was I wrong!!
    on the 15th i called. answering machine, great, so I left a message. wheres my seat.
    two days later an email from "Tessa" saying it was in ricks office and will be shipped out on the 22nd. not happy but what can I do. the 24th comes around and no word. I email again this time not so nice. 2 days later again an email back stating they ran out of black leather, that's like jiffy lube running out on motor oil.
    but will be done soon. I called later asking about the status and now they say they lost my rear seat. its now been 34 days with no seat.
    anybody had trouble with these people.
    they took the other half of the monet out of my account on Sept 1st.

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    I bought mine at the Charlestown rally a few years back. I had no issues, but will say the foam is broken down and I plan on sending to be re-done in the off season. What would concern me most is the conitinuing changing story. They do a lot of rallies, but going from it will be shipped Monday to the lost it simply isn't acceptable in my mind.

    For me I'd be filing a complaint with the CC company until such time as I had goods in hand for the second half of the charge.

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    Thanks I will do just that.

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    Originally Posted by jacko View Post
    I also bought a Rick Mayer's seat early this year. Took delivery the first of May after sending in the Payment in full and the 500.00 deposit on one of his core seats the first of January. Sent the Core seat back the same day in May and after several promises to return the 500.00 core deposit I'm still waiting. The seat was used by me only for two months as I went down in Kansas on the way to Johnson City and rally. The bike was totaled and I am still trying to recover from the new hip. The new seat was salvaged by one of MOA members who helped keep me company in hospital while far away from home. Seat seems to be holding up I'm told but I do question his business practice at least with me.


    I ordered a seat in February that was due in April but finally arrived in JUNE -- but only after repeated delays. I promptly returned the stock seat and I followed his deposit return policy to the letter and kept all the associated documentation and he still didn't return the seat deposit until 30 days past the 30 days he gives himself for handling the return of your money. Keep after him -- it took me several email/voicemails to get the deposit processed but he finally did return it.

    It's come up before, too
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    Cannot speak about your unfortunate experience with "mail in service" but I can tell you that the drive in service was excellent. Rick is a very personable man and very knowledgable about his work. I would recommend his seats to anyone without hesitation. I also have a Daylong seat on another of my bikes which was a Mail in situation and it was simply "OK" . The service from daylong was timely and professional. They are two different products.

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    I can sure understand your sincere displeasure with this issue. Before I purchased a seat from Rick I did a ton of research on this forum and 3 other BMW specific boards. It was apparent from my observations that what you've experienced is not exactly rare, their are plenty of complaints similar to yours. Who knows why it happens, but my guess is that he runs a very small shop and has not learned to underpromise/over deliver his service and products.

    Even after reading some of the awful stories about his customer relations, I still elected to buy from him based on the plethora of very compliementary notes by the majority of riders. A common thread (purely intentional pun) seems to be the people who do ride in "fittings" are MUCH more pleased overall, the mail order biz seems to be the problem. When I was in his shop there was a ton of seats waiting to be worked on, maybe he needs to hire some more assistants...or lose all of his business.

    This is probably not all that hopeful information, but do think once you can get him to follow through that you will be pleased with the seat. Besides Rick's, I've also had Corbins and Sargents on a few different bikes. At this point I'd still recommend his products, but urge caution based on the type of experience you've encountered.

    Good luck! BJ
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    It seems he takes care of the ride ins first. I have checked out the Rick and Bill Mayer seats. Its still a Russell Daylong for me...
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    I've always believed you can judge a company best by how it handles situations where things do not go as planned. This seems like one of them. There's not much you can do about the time, but what are they doing to make things right? That's the big question.

    And, for what it's worth. About ten years ago I went to Staples go get some legal size paper for my printer. They were out. That's like one of the most basic staples (pun intended).
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    I also purchased a RM seat at the rally. Paid cash up front and my seat arrived a few weeks later than promised, but...

    1. I had broken my hand (throttle side) and couldn't ride, so I e-mailed RM and told them to place my seat order lower on their "to-do" list.

    2. I have 2 seats for my K bike, so even with my original seat/pan off to RM, I could still ride. (That was prior to #1)

    3. When the seat arrived, it looked and felt great. Much superior than the stock seat. For me it was well worth the wait. But then I wasn't deprived of being able to ride (see #2) because of the lack of a seat.

    4. The ideal manner in which to get a RM seat is the ride-in option. That way he can see both you and the bike, making any needed adjustments then and there. Not to mention, you get to ride & talk with RM, who really is a great guy.

    5. For me the seat was worth the wait. And yes I would do it again.

    Like anything, you pay your money and take your chances...

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    Unhappy RM Seat

    Ordered a Rick Meyer seat at the Gillette Rally. It took a couple of months to
    receive it which wasn't exactly a big deal. BUT we had a left a $500 check deposit
    for the return of the pan. Really never gave much thought to it. We UPS'd the pan back the day we received the seat. Thank Goodness we kept all the paperwork because the $500 was cashed when the "time limit" for sending the pan back was up. It took several persistent e-mails and phone calls before the matter was resolved. Response was they had never received the pan; but it still took a good month to get the $500 returned after we provided all the paperwork involved. Seat is great; but beware.

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    I had my seat done about 5 weeks ago, 2000 miles later I find several issues that need tweeked. I sent an email to Rick and got a phone call back within 1 hr. I was amazed. The follow up appt was scheduled.
    Again I know this drive in service is different that mail but I fully believe He is deserving of a compliment and praise for my experience.
    I hope your situation can get resolved to your satisfaction.

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    Just buy a Russell

    99+% of Russell owners might just be right. The Russell DayLong is the act to beat, their service is what they say it'll be, and the price is quite often lower than other wannabe copycats.

    My first one carried me in comfort over 100,000 miles over ten years, and I'll bet the current owner is still riding it. My second has been on two bikes (I kinda wore the first GS out), over 9 years and 117,000 miles (so far). It looks and sits like new.

    I was lucky to have good advice on buying the first one. The second one was an easy pick.

    Some folks think the DayLong isn't pretty, but no matter how hard I try, I can't see it when I'm riding on it.


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