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Thread: Prices going up!!

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    Prices going up!!

    The new BMWs and other imported bikes are going to see some price pressure soon. Mr. Bernake (sic) of the US Federal Reserve said in a speech recently:

    A weaker dollar helps the Fed achieve its dual mandate, by making US exporters more competitive - stimulating job creation - and by increasing inflation through higher import prices.

    The dollar has lost 15% of its value against the euro since early June, on growing speculation that a slowdown in the US economy in the second half of the year would force the Fed to ease monetary conditions further
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    So Gasoline, electricity,, made in China stuff like everything we need to live now, will also go up. New cars, even domestic, have a HUGE Chinese content, prices up, up up. Meanwhile my no raise in 5 freaking years, just be happy you even have a stinking job (and I am) lifestyle declines even further.

    Freaking beautiful.

    I have 5 years to pay off my Home, and small investement farm, I HOPE I MAKE IT. Maybe I can sell out for enough to go live in Mexico for a few years.


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