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Thread: Lowering the R1200R

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    Lowering the R1200R

    I would like to lower the R1200R fom about 31.5" to about 30 +". I have already lowered the seat and now I'm thinking about lowering the suspension. I check Ohlins suspension and suspensions (front and rear) offered by Wunderlich. The prices range from about $ 1300 to $1600. Is there anything less expensive available. Any other ideas about lowering the overall height?

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    I've got a friend that throws money around like manhole covers. He went with the shorter shocks so it must have been the cheapest "good" solution available.

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    I tried the lower seat for the R1200R. It is uncomfortable, not because there is less padding but because of the shape. I have contacted ( by e-mail) Russell and Rick Mayer to see if they can make a seat that will not only be lower 1"-1.5" but also shaped to be more comfortable. My other thought is to go to a local guy who does auto seats ( and some cycle seats) to get a better fit. Any other suggestions?

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