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Thread: GTL storage?

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    GTL storage?

    Any specs on the total storage volume on this machine?

    Hopefully it has some usable storage areas in the tank/fairing.

    Are there any photos of what it looks like without the bags? Some bikes look real bad when you take off the form-fitted luggage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstuckmann View Post
    Hopefully it has some usable storage areas in the tank/fairing.
    It appears that there are two small locking compartments at the bottom of the fairing lower panels, facing the rider's shins.

    49L trunk; haven't seen the volume of the saddlebags -- although they look deeper than the bags on my R12RT, which were already pretty big.
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    There are a few pics of the bike without saddlebags on this gallery page.

    Michael Cohen

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    Right side fairing pocket, holds the ipod /mp3 connection, there's another one on the other side.

    The usable space in the panniers is more than those of the K1200LT and the top case is larger too, you can fit 2 full size helmets facing down. I can't recall the actual size in liters.. It was posted somewhere..

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