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Thread: Looking for a new jacket at least...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterChiefmas View Post
    What are some good places to browse online? The places I typically look are mostly sportbike or cruiser oriented.
    "IF" you are willing to go toward used or last years models,etc., See the places I listed.Many bike dealers , including BMW sell out the end of season stuff on ebay for great prices. I like Olympia and First Gear too and there are outlets on ebay that buy up the last year models,etc., and resell for a song compared to brand new. I frequently see c;oset cleaning sales on advrider where its obvious that some people buy this gear adictively and never wear it(in addition to weight changes and poorly selected gifts,etc.) and then sell it off. One consideration is you must invest some time to go this route as there is stiff competiotion for the deals. ebay auctions are several days or but it now and on advrider the good stuff goes really quickly. Paypal is a must to deal this way!
    I took my brand new Revit jacket for a first spin yesterday and love it! I payed less than half the $400+ MSRP new price for NWT.
    Main point is to know what you want-brand/size 1st! Also worth pointing out that some value to the idea that if you try something and bought at value then you can just put it on our BMW or advrider flea mkt and try something else. If you have 200k on the stuff it's yours(and earned its keep!) but if you tried it for a bit and then decide to try something else, no problemo... My current pants are $200 gear and I payed around $50 NWT as they had sat in a closet for a few years. The other route is decide what you want and just pay full retail with a visit via phone, web or travel to store...Fit is easiest the last way.

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    OLYMPIA X-Moto jacket (and pants!).

    Just returned from 2,085 miles in the last five days - riding the Smoky Mountains of TN and NC with my son.

    Jacket handled 90+ degrees (venting panels), dust, cooler mountain temps and kept me dry, comfortable and has more storage than a minivan.

    Got a lot of compliments from various bikers at Deal's Gap about style and the high vis too!
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    The safest suit is probably the Motoport Kevlar Mesh outfit. I have one and it is a genuine "one suit for all conditions". The Motoport's only problem is the same as all liner based mesh suits, it takes a lot of time to change in or out of the liner. This is why the Aerostich suits are popular with the Iron Butt riders. With Aerostich all you have to do is pull on a zipper, and you are ready for rain, sleet, or heat. The problem with Aerostich is that they are not necessarily waterproof, and they have a difficult time in the heat range from 85-95 degrees compared to a mesh suit. I also have to wear less clothing to stay warm in my Motoport than my Aerostich. In fact, I can be comfortable cold weather riding with no electric gear other than heated grips wearing my Motoport, but I can't do that with the Aerostich.

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    Go to They're got several manufacturer's stuff there. Firstgear has a couple that would likely fit your bill, along with a couple of others. I've bought gear for myself and several members of my family. Their customer service is top notch if you need to return something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    The broadest comfortable temperature range and utility is with Roadcrafter pants with the bib top attached, and the Darian Jacket. Simple, easy, convenient.
    This posting cost me some money, today.

    My R2P pants are falling apart. I just ordered the Roadcrafter pants with the bib top to replace them. I'll use it with the R2P jacket as long as it lasts.

    Thanks for the idea (I think )

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    Much depends on you and where you ride.

    I ride a nekked R75 and need to do a fair amount of city riding. I'm also very humidity sensitive. I wear a mesh Hein Gerick top with First Gear mesh over-pants or pants. With the zip-in liners, and an electric vest, I can get down to the '40s and still be comfortable.

    I find my leather jacket is just too hot until it drops into the low '60s unless I'm riding out of town w/o traffic.

    Hippo hands are a great addition for cold weather riding, allowing me to wear lighter gloves

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    Darien jacket and pants for everything but the hottest days for the last 8 years.
    '02 R1150RT

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    Just got back into riding this year with an RT.Bike shields me well so I picked up a used Olympia mesh jacket (I think it may have been the 1st Airglide).Love the jacket except it is BLACK,and here in gets hot and very humid.Every time I stopped I was being cooked.
    Decided I was going to break down and get the Airglide 3 in high vis.
    Couple weeks ago I went to the Falling Leaf Rally.Gateway BMW had a tent with some sales going on.WHAT a sale,I picked up a Olympia Bushwacker jacket for 160.00 out the tent in high vis.What a diff. that light color made in the sun,not to mention the cagers putting on there sun glasses when I went by.
    If U can wait,check out the Rallies,U can find some great deals.
    We drove all this way for a DEAD END ! My son!!!
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    Too many options. Could drive one crazy. But then again we all ride, that is a crazy head start if there ever was one.

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    This is my favourite jacket of all time, including about eight years with an Aerostich Darien.

    The only fault is it's too warm above the low eighties, but I use a mesh jacket for that.

    BMW "New City":


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    Thumbs up

    For touring I have textile jackets from Olympia & Tour Master. Both have zip in/out liners for rain and cool weather. In hot/humid weather I use a BMW mesh jacket (no liner) or a Mossi Mesh jacket. To keep from dehydrating a 70oz capacity Camel Back is used. I fill the Camel Back with ice cubes and then add water, even in the hottest weather I have cold water to sip. The newer "wicking" clothing (Under Armor / LD Comfort / Bodz / and others) help me cope with both heat and cold. I have yet to try mesh pants as I use Draggin or Diamond Gusset jeans in summer and winter. I have given away several leather and mesh jackets that for one reason or another did not meet my needs. Ride Safe

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