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Thread: Looking for a new jacket at least...

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    Looking for a new jacket at least...

    So now that I plan to do a little more touring type riding, I'd like a jacket that's got more utility to it then just protecting my skin like my racing leather. I've been a sportbike rider for a number of years, but I don't know much of what to look for outside of racing leathers. Or even where to look. Normally I'd start at NewEnough, and they have some stuff, but I don't really have any idea what to look for. I have a rainsuit, but I wouldn't mind switching my jacket up to something more fitting.

    I've often heard Aerostitch is good gear for this, and that's about all. So, suggestions? What should I look for? I'm hoping for something I can make work Spring-Fall. I don't plan on doing much/any winter riding, we get too much snow mostly.

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    What bike are you riding? A touring oriented jacket may not be as comfortable on an S1K as on an RT. There are a lot of choices out there, so I would decide on some basics and take it from there. Leather or textile? Lots of ventilation or not so much? If you have a rain suit, does it need to be waterproof? How much protection does it offer? Most importantly, how much do you want to spend? You're best bet is to try to find some local dealers and browse their selections in person. Also, check out and read their reviews.
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    For cooler weather I wear a First Gear Jaunt, not top of the line, but does most of what I want in a (sport)touring jacket. Waterproof, 3/4 length, warm, good pockets, removable liner, half decent ventilation. I dont wear it above 65 degrees, just not enough vents for me, but I get hot easy. I have a Joe Rocket (forget the model) with leather sleeves and textile body for 60-80 degrees, then go to mesh for hot weather. Haven't found one jacket for all seasons, though some are advertised as such. Happy shopping!

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    Touring Gear

    You will get as many different answers to this as their are people replying. Some people have multiple outfits. My personal take is to get the best protection and wear it. I wear the Aerostich Roadcrafter, and a Hiene Gericke V-Pilot jacket and pants. This is because I have had the Gericke gear for decades and they hold sentimental value. The Roadcrafter is what I wear most.

    I do not distinguish between hot and cold weather gear, as I do not believe that when the temperature is in the 90s, that a lighter jacket will make that much difference. When it is hot out, I resign myself to being hot. When it is cold outside, I wear electrified clothes.

    Best of luck, and I hope the decision you make works out for you.

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    Well, I'm looking for something textile I think. I'd like something lighter weight, more versatile(more then 2 pockets), and easier to get into then my racing style leather jackets. Ventilation with removable liners would be good. Waterproof, not necessary I suppose, but would be nice. This will be mainly for riding on my R1200GS.

    What I have done in the past is covered this with 4 different jackets, 1 Joe Rocket mesh, a Joe Rocket perforated leather, JR regular leather, and a heavier leather jacket. The leather in my heavier jacket tore earlier this year, otherwise it's what I'd normally be wearing. But even then, that one wasn't armored(or made to allow the addition of armor either), and had only 2 pockets and no removable liner etc. It's a cruiser style jacket I've had since before I rode a motorcycle.

    I realize that I'll get a zillion differnet opinions. Even just "avoid X, bad stitching problems" could be useful to know up front.

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    Well, I keep buying jackets but wearing my Aerostich Roadcrafter 2 piece. Since I wore out my second Roadcrafter jacket (pants still good but jacket zippers died at about 200K miles and the cuffs and collar were frayed) I bought a different jacket with more bells and whistles - and then dug my old Roadcrafter jacket out of the closet in the shop and am now wearing it.

    The broadest comfortable temperature range and utility is with Roadcrafter pants with the bib top attached, and the Darian Jacket. Simple, easy, convenient.

    I don't need 2 snaps, one zipper, plus velcro on every outside pocket. Sheesh!! The thunderstorm was over before I could get the camera out of the pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    The broadest comfortable temperature range and utility is with Roadcrafter pants with the bib top attached, and the Darian Jacket. Simple, easy, convenient.
    Interesting combo.

    The Darien is my second favorite jacket, but like all waterproof-all-the-time jackets I found it too hot in 100?? plus temps. I'm currently using a BMW Rallye II Pro which meets all my needs save one... the suit doesn't look like it will last even half the time my Aerostich gear has lasted.

    At 8 years my one piece Roadcrafter is ready for a velcro refresh and then will likely be good for another 8 years. The Darien I bought about a dozen years ago is still being worn by the friend who took it off my hands when I got the R2P. At the rate things are deteriorating I hope I get 5 years out of the R2P. Might not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    The broadest comfortable temperature range and utility is with Roadcrafter pants with the bib top attached, and the Darian Jacket. Simple, easy, convenient.
    This posting cost me some money, today.

    My R2P pants are falling apart. I just ordered the Roadcrafter pants with the bib top to replace them. I'll use it with the R2P jacket as long as it lasts.

    Thanks for the idea (I think )

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    Partly a matter of IF you count your money, as in how deep are your pockets?Also matters how persistent and patient you can be. Go to ebay,Flea Mkt here, IBMWR, and ADVriders flea Mkt for the "deals" on new, new old models and used gear. Being Americans, we often eat ourselves in & out of our MC gear! I just bought a new jacket(old model)ebay & a new pr of pants(old model) on ebay for much/much less than new, this year stuff elsewhere.
    First step is to try on some stuff and see what works for you. Bookmark the size charts for various brands on your computer and accumulate size knowledge as the brands vary tremendously,esp. then euro brands like Revit.Like said, asking here will get you a huge variety of opinions. Summer is the hardest challenge for cool gear as much is hot by nature of design for protection.
    Large rally is a good bet as you can try on some stuff.If in rural area, like me,ask lots of questions...

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