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Thread: BMW Owners of Newfoundland

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    Smile BMW Owners of Newfoundland

    Hi All!

    Just a quick note to let you know there is now a club on 'da rock!

    We held our first meeting in September and have a website up and running at

    To get in touch visit there or e-mail at


    Phil and Mel

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    First of all with post #2 Welcome to the forum. Second of all congratulations on getting a club up and running. I went through the selections on the site and looks like your off to a good start. Don't forget when you have an event in the works post it here in Regional Northeast. Good luck, Gary
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    Great to hear there is a club up your way. I lived in St. John's for three years as a kid while my dad was stationed at Pepperrell AFB. Good to know there is a point of contact if I get back up that way.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Greetings and welcome
    We plan on visiting da rock in 2012 for a week. Hope you have a rally going then, the farest traveled should be big miles. Just one more reason to go to Newfoundland. Look forward to Newfoundland.
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    That is good to hear

    I was in Newfoundland in August and found it to be absolutely stunning, and the people to be equally spectacular!

    if you could guarantee no rain i would be more than willing to make the trip for a rally!
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    Smile BMW Owners of Newfoundland

    Let me add my congratulations. I too found Newfoundland to be a wonderful riding destination. I spent a sunny week there a couple years back and will be traveling there again this coming summer.
    Again, best of luck to you and your club.
    Keep me in mind if you decided to host a rally.

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    My ancestors were kicked out of there .. became the Cajuns of Louisiana.. "the original BOAT people."

    We are still kicked out of nicer places to this day..

    Hope to sneak back in some day for a visit..

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