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Thread: It's started already

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    It's started already

    This is a traffic alert for up here in Mass. If you happen to be on RT 495 north or south in the RT 1A Wrentham Ma area- that would be about 4 miles north of RT 95 be careful. There is an outlet mall at the exit for RT 1A. While it seems early, the traffic in the first and second lanes was stopped yesterday 10/9/10-and all the zigging and zagging that goes with stopping on the highway-waiting to get off at the mall.
    Very Dangerous as the traffic is stopped around 1/3 of a mile from the exit. Usually this starts the day after thanksgiving. I think anyone traveling near a weekend or holiday can expect this. Gary
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    Thanks, Gary!

    The leaf peepers here in Western MA seem particularly disengaged this year. A quick loop from the Springfield area west and north to N. Adams and then into the gorgeous Vermont countryside to Brattleboro and back down I91 produced a number of boneheaded vehicle operators. I might add that I saw a number of other bike riders taking too many chances in "unsafe to pass" conditions (even though it IS legal to cross the double yellow line in VT!).

    The worst situation I witnessed was a group of cars stopped barely off the road on Rt. 9 in VT taking pictures of a couple of deer. They had not pulled off the road very much and caused traffic to cross into the other lane to get by. And all this on a blind curve, no less.

    I had to stop at Hogback Mountain to warm myself in the abundant sunshine and to clear my mind from the constant focus on situational awareness duties. Picked up some really good cheddar as well.

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