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Any device / accessory is not relied on for safety, but simply added to my toolbox of options and behavior to be safe - SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) - a constant process!
I only ask the question because I find that I tend to fixate on modulating headlamps to the exclusion of other things going on around me and have to forcefully pull my attention elsewhere. So I don't like them because there is a danger to me!

But that's my problem and I recognize it as being my problem. It does leave me wondering, though, if others have the same issue. I can imagine an inattentive driver fixating on the blinking lights, forcing the rider to take action to avoid a situation that might not exist without the blinking lights.

That's just idle thought on my part. I won't use them, but don't mind if others do unless they are behind me on a group ride in which case they will either turn them off or lead instead of follow. I have pulled over and waited until a fellow rider made up his mind which he was going to do.