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Thread: Alton Brown is on tour, and will be in Raleigh

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    Thumbs up Alton Brown is on tour, and will be in Raleigh

    Alton Brown,is a BMW (GS,I believe) rider-writer that has been touring the
    country,checking out various Road Foods and then writing about it. The latest
    book is called "Good Eats 2", and he is again on tour. He will be at Quail Ridge
    Books, at 3522 Wade Ave. in Raleigh,NC on Thursday, Oct.14, at 7:30 PM. Hopefully,
    he will ride his bike on this part of the tour,so the local and not-so-local BMW bike folks
    should show up at Quail Ridge Books with our bikes as well. I have seen him @
    the Nationals and his books are a lot of fun.

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    What show does he do where he rides from place to place? My mom was telling me about it, but she watches 20 times more TV than I do...

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    Feasting on Asphalt was the bike based series (2 seasons I think)
    Feasting on Waves was a boat based adventure (3rd season)

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