Ok, I received the Gerbing Heated pants liner today. New wiring harness as well. Connected to battery. Individually, the pants work, and the jacket liner works, hooked up individually to the power cord. (yes, I do have the bike running).

However, when hooked together via the 'PDU' on the jacket liner, you can only get one or the other to work switching back/fourth. There is a fixed female recepticle for the power input, then one fixed male output connector, and a second "white" external/loose male connector. There are no specific instructions with the Gerbings other than this is the PDU to distribute power to everything, ie-no specific wiring sequence.

So, do I have a problem, or am I supposed to have something else? I got the impression from Paul Glaves on a prior posting that I may have to have a controller to operate both? I was under the impression that I did not need that right now.

So should my wife ride with warm legs or a warm torso?