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I can understand your being angry about the customer service, but I cannot understand your feeling ripped off. Big Ear sold a product with a 1-year warranty and the product failed outside that 1-year warranty. They have no commitment to fix the product for free under an expired warranty. It would be nice of them to do it, and some places would, and it sure seems like they could use some help in the customer service department, but they are under no obligation to do it - and filing a complaint with the BBB because they wouldn't fix something out of warranty for free is a dishonest abuse of the system.

It is too bad the product failed just out of the (short in my opinion) warranty period and people buying these things would be smart to take a lesson from your experiences and more seriously consider the warranty period when buying custom audio plugs.
Exactly so, even by the OP's admission...a warranty period is a warranty period, so why the cryin'?