I returned my Big Ear in ear speakers that are used for MP3 and Bike-to-Bike communications because the left speaker quit working. These were purchased at the 2009 rally in Johnson City, TN and received in September of that year. They were returned to Big Ear last month with the non-functioning left speaker.

Because the timing of the return was right at a year, I assumed that this would be warranty work. What Big Ear is saying is that "It was a impacted ear wax problem. Not the big globy earwax[,] the micro fine ear wax". So they want $80 to fix the devices. I have worn the same pair of hearing aids for 10 years, and have never had an issue, even with "micro fine ear wax."

Has anyone else had this type of issue with their in-ear speaker system? I am hesitant to accuse Big Ear of ripping me off because I have never heard of "micro fine ear wax", but they do exclude ear wax, and so presumably this includes even the "micro fine" variety from their warranty.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this topic. I am at a loss as to how to respond to Big Ear, whether to say goodbye to a $350 pair of ear buds that have worked reasonably well, or to pay the $80 without their providing some kind of proof that this is what the problem was.

Best Regards