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    Death Valley Trip - MLK Weekend

    Went on a great ride this past weekend to Death Valley with a really great group from In spite of numerous warnings of closed and damaged roads due to torrential California storms, I decided to go along on this rideÔÇömy first with a large group of riders from around the southwest.

    This picture of "Lake Denny's" in Baker had me worried, but as it turned out, it was the last water I saw for four days.

    There were miles and miles of this beautiful desert scenery.

    A perennial favorite, Scotty's Castle in the northern end of the park.

    One of the most interesting places to visit in DV is the ghost town of Rhyolite. Here are a few shots from there.

    Just around the corner from Scotty's is an impressive natural wonder called the "Ubehebe Crater." This is a picture of one of its walls.

    Another really interesting site is the Harmony Borax Works in Mustard Canyon, just north of Furnace Creek. Chinese workmen hauled tons of this stuff through the desert on one of these wagons hitched to a team of twenty mules.

    FirstGear riding suit -- $500
    Garmin GPS -- $700
    '04 RT -- $15,000
    Watching your buddy fill his Yamaha 3 times to your one -- priceless

    Of course, to pay for some cool twisties, there were some daunting straightaways

    Some of the scenery heading over to Cerr Gordo Peak

    Wonderful sweepers going over Cerro Gordo Peak

    Love this new bike

    Yours truly taking a windy break on the way to Lone Pine. I may ride Metzlers, but I bear a striking resemblence to the Michelin Man.

    A nice shot of Lake Isabella, just outside of Bakersfield, 30 minutes from home

    Four days of gorgeous weather in the desert comes to an end as I descend into the ubiquotous winter fog of southern-central California. Brrrrr.

    In all, it was a great trip with beautiful scenery, winding roads, interesting sites, cold beer, and fun beemer riders.
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