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Thread: Bmr Co-pilot Shelf

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    Bmr Co-pilot Shelf

    I am considering switching from a RCU to BMR shelf. I currently have a Garmin GPS-V, XM Roady and a V1 on the bike. I am looking for any comments or feedback about the BMR. Thanks
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    Thumbs up BMRrrrrr

    I have a BMR shelf on my LT and really like the it , as it seems sturdier than the RCU I had on my RT.
    The accesory arms BMR makes are cool too as you can determine what side you want certain goodies. The arms also come in different lenghts.
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    BMR shelf

    I tried the BMR shelf for my R1150RT last fall and it seemed to high (in my sight line, as I'm 5'8"). I returned it and ordered a RCU shelf. The quality of the BMR stuff was fantastic. I really was impressed. It all went together great. It could hold all my goodies.

    I've now added a Big Mak tank bag and this has caused me to relocate the GPS from the handlebar bolts to the RCU shelf and I'm unable/unhappy with the Tourtech GPS mount on the shelf. I am reconsidering the BMR setup for my setup now.


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