We seem to have developed a problem at our house. Everytime we go to a dealer for whatever odd reason, one of us comes home with a new jacket.

It started in March. We went to a gear expo and I bought a new Olympia Airglide riding outfit. Hubby bought a Revit jacket and had to special order pants. After several go-rounds we gave up on the pants because they couldn't get the right size. (that's a long story that's not worth retelling.) He returned his Revit and bought an Olympia. Another swing by the dealer two months later, there sits his previously worn/returned Revit marked down for quick sale. He bought it AGAIN. Yesterday, I dropped my bike off for service and came home with a new high-vis Olympia AST jacket. Hanging in the garage, we now have a total of six motorcycle jackets, not counting those that we just haven't parted with for whatever reason.

How do I cure this sickness??