I might as well have just sauntered in and started an oil/harley bashing thread for the flack i'm likely to accumulate by asking the following:

is there any way of testing a helmet, post crash, to verify it's integrity?

backstory: minor get off a few weeks back, nothing terrible, but i did come down on my head and right shoulder fairly hard after flipping over the bike.

helmet: aside from a scrape where it hit, seems "ok" from a "well, it doesn't look like it'd been run over by a truck" pov. thing is, i'm a practical sorta fella, and very much not one to go throwing something away just because of a blemish or small defect. this also happens to be arai's top of the line lid (meaning $$$) and doesn't have a whole lot of mileage or years on it.

bottom line: if it's going to protect me in a future crash, great, if not, fine, but i'd like verifiable proof as to such, rather than a lot of conjecture