Looking for help from the brain trust here:

I have searched the thread and don't seem to find much of a similar issue--although, I have to think it exists.

I have been using 3 different Sirius radios (2 Stratus' and 1 Starmate) on my 04' RT and have consistently had the same problem: I routinely lose my antenna connection in some manner ("antenna not detected" message). I fully understand the these units were not designed for the vibration, etc. of moto use; but, given the prevalence of M/C mounts and chatter about XM/Sirius use on a bike, I have to call out for help.

I have replaced mounts, replaced recievers and replaced antennas (which get pricey after a while) and no matter what; I still, eventually end up with the same antenna issue. I believe, after un-scientific research that it is more of an issue with the connection between the receiver and the base, VS. the antenna itself, but can't be sure. I have given up on my CycleGadgets reservoir mount as I can't retain antenna connection. I use the tank bag/mapcase now and have resorted to rubber bands and tiny bungees to "secure" a connection, but as of last weekend's trip to the Grass Roots Oktoberfest, that crapped out too.

I have a Starmate (5 or 6?) and use earbuds, I had used a Stratus series but tried to upgrade hoping for improvement--no such luck.

I have a Garmin 2820 and I do know I can get the GXM-30 and use it for reception and would solve my woes for the most part. However; I use the Sirius mainly in my work cage, which already has a provided GPS and really want to be able to transfer a SATRAD unit between rides (2 or 4 wheel) without swapping my PERSONAL GPS out all the time and would rather avoid the expense of a second subscription, just for the GPS.

I've done some open source research and I see that SIRIUS is coming out with a M/C specific kit and it notes that if you aren't using a receiver that "locks" in place you may not have optimum results. I don't think the Starmate falls into that category. . . (sigh)?

Sorry for the lengthy thread, but I wanted to try and limit the usual first guesses right off the bat.