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    Question Shark Hide

    Anyone have any experience with this product? It is a spray on metal sealer that has been getting some air time on the car enthusiast shows on TV. Claims to seal aluminum and other metals and to stop oxidation. I'm wondering if it is suitable for use on hubs and other parts after shell blasting.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Kevin, this is probably not compairing apples to apples, but I did not have good luck with it on my boat. The jetpump and many other custom made parts inside of the boat are custom made polished aluminum parts. The pump obviously runs in the water, and Sharkhide did not work at all on it. (turned it a dull greenish color on the first outing) The pieces inside the boat, seemed to hold their polish fairly well.

    I've found that Flitz products work better on the boat, and are much easier to use.

    I sent Sharkhide pictures of the pump before and after. THey offered no explination, but refunded my money for the product.

    Hope that helps.

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