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    Question R1200rt

    I am considering upgrading from my current R1100RT to a R1200RT. Are there any years to avoid or particular problems to be aware of? Any comments or information on this subject would be appreciated?

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    Try the search option, the advanced version.
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    Whizzie brakes are darn expensive to fix if central unit dies. Were it me, I'd stick to any post-whizzie model late 07 on dpending on $/mileage target.

    After that, the big diff is the change from the hexhead to camhead in 2010- basically an evolutionary model change- not revolutionary or totally new.

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    The RT, as well as the other hexheads, had issues with the EWS ring (ignition security sensor) that was resolved through a tech bulletin calling for replacement of the ring. They also had final drive failure issues. This problem has been at least minimized by a change in the FD maintenance schedule and procedure (use only 180ml of oil). The 2008 and later models have a drain plug on the FD which makes the oil change a bit simpler. The FD remains a controversial topic, but no doubt in my mind that progress has been made. I think BMW began offering the lowered version of the RT in 2008 Another complaint that pops up now and again is fuel gauge inaccuracy. All that comes to mind at the moment.
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    I have a 2006 RT whizzy brakes and all. I am more than happy with these brakes and don't worry about potential repair costs as I have an extended warranty. Buy what you want and get a warranty with it. Ride a whizzy brake bike and make your own decisions. The pre 07 bikes didn't seem to suffer the EWS failures of the later models. Whatever you decide, ride and enjoy.
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    I have an 08 RT with ABS and I love it. Rode a Suzuki Boulevard the other day just because and noticed it had very poor brakes. Once you go wizzie you never go back.
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    The '08RT has ABS but not the servo-assist brakes. The power assist brakes make a whiney eeeeeeee noise when you use them, which is why some people call them "whizzie". I got rid of my '04RT mostly to get rid of the servo-assist brakes. Besides being whiney, they are very difficult to accurately modulate in low-speed maneuvers.
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    I love my 05 with whizzy brakes and have no issues or problems with using them. But, I would not recommend buying a used bike with them. The cost of repair if they fail is too high. My buddy bought an 09 and his non whizzy brakes work great. Why risk the cost of repair for little if any advantage?

    Final Drive: Make sure the oil in the FD has been changed regularly. Pop off the fill plug and take a sample out on a pipe cleaner if you suspect old nasty oil. FD oil changing is the #1 concern I'd have on a used RT.
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