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Thread: Google Android Phones & GPS

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    Google Android Phones & GPS

    I have a Google Android Phone, the 'motorola droid X' and it has a great gps that i use when I travel around the country on business. It is just as good as a garmin. I was going to use the bluetooth feature and pipe it into my helmet when I ride and save myself $700 buying a Garmin.

    I know my phone is not waterproof but If i can just hear the instructions while the phone is inside my tank bag, I will be fine. The only problem is that I can't create a route in google and download it as I can in a zumo from what I understand.

    My question is whether anyone has found an app for the phone that can download a gps file and load the route.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Deepak Menon
    2006 Red R1200RT

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    It is an awesome phone.
    You can run multiple operating systems.
    If I didn't own an iPhone and was looking to buy something new, this is definitely the way I'd go.
    If you use Google maps you can push the route you create in Google maps to your Droid X.
    Have not seen it done with a Droid X but have done it with Android v 2.1.

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    Mapdroyd provides very compact and fairly detailed maps for Android phones. Free last I checked.
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