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Thread: BMW Streetguard 3 Suit

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    BMW Streetguard 3 Suit

    Hi all,
    I'm thinking of buying one.

    If you own one, what has been your experience with it?

    Do you / can you wear it year-round?

    What's good about it, what don't you like?

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    Some things to keep in mind when you read my comments. I ride an R1200RT, so I have good wind protection. I primarily ride to commute to work - about an hour each way. Lowest temperature I have ridden in so far is about 42 dF.

    I have a BMW AirShell Jacket and StreetGuard 3 pants.

    AirShell Jacket without liner has been good from ~67 dF to 100+ dF.
    AirShell Jacket with liner has been good from ~42 dF to 67 dF, too hot once you get above ~73 dF.

    StreetGuard 3 Pants without liner has been good from ~42 dF to 67 dF, too hot and clammy for me above that. I have not ridden with the liner yet, but am guessing I should be good from 30 dF to 50 dF.



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