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Thread: Airheads @ El Camino Motorcycle Show

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    Airheads @ El Camino Motorcycle Show

    The sky threatened rain all morning and there were not as many euro bikes or euro bike parts as I had hoped.. but there were still a few nice Airheads in the show.

    I believe this lovely bike is an R60/2.. stupidly did not take photos of the info sheets I am sure someone here can correct me.

    and this?

    No idea what this is it was not in the show, think it was for sale.. it looked interesting and had a nice sidecar.

    More photos from the day on my blog

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    So what is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by themadp View Post

    More photos from the day on my blog
    Would really like to know what this is, looks like a BMW copy.. Chinese?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    It appears to be a Zundapp...

    Very similar to this bike:
    Yup, that's it, I have a closeup shot of the logo and it matches.. thanks!

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