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Thread: In over my head.. and loving it.

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    In over my head.. and loving it.

    I felt like I was being followed today. Quick glance in the mirror, and oooh, what's that?

    Another pile of rusty junk. Yes!

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    One man's junk is another man's treasure. Congrats on the treasure.

    Love the handlebars.
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    Some guys find the neatest stuff at garage sales.
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    Apehangers, pullbacks, and a sidehack. Man, you have a treasure there!

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    Right found that vintage hack you were looking for. Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angysdad View Post
    Right found that vintage hack you were looking for. Congrats!
    On the trailer is;
    -a 1969 BMW R60/2 with a Hollandia sidecar. My understanding is that Hollandia bought out Steib and this is a copy of the tr500. Supposedly, parts are interchangable between the Setib and Hollandia (hopefully). This rig has the "S" transmission, if that means anything.
    -a 1957 BMW /2 conversion. It's got a VW engine. It has the "sport" tank, I think it's called.

    In the bed of the truck is;
    -a small box of goodies.
    -a pair of Wixom side bags and a Wixom top case.
    -a Wixom fairing with lowers.
    -an Avon fairing with lowers.
    -spare windshields.

    In "the mail" is;
    -a Hoske RS4 39-liter tank.

    This is a good example of what happens when you know what you want, but you're not desperate.

    After tons of emails, the guy wanted $X amount for the sidecar rig, plus shipping. Too rich for my blood, so I gracefully tapped out.

    A couple weeks pass, and he emails me out of the blue, telling me he has to make space. So, he lowered the price $500 and threw in the /2 conversion and all the goodies/fairings/bags, and he'd meet me half way between Missouri and Texas.

    I didn't get the worlds best deal, but I got a good deal on what I wanted and we're both happy.

    Now, who wants to donate to the cause?

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    Winter Fun

    Rare Vintage People -

    My first visit to the Vintage forum, but not the last. Obviously, only a strange and wonderful DNA drives some toward the madness of reversing massive oxidation. The true meaning of Blood and Iron.

    Well done, CDD!

    The seat on the rig looks to be in excellent shape, and I'd highly recommend two products: Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP (leather preservative), which is made only from bee's wax and propolis - good for the hands, too. Best stuff I've ever used for bringing back and preserving leather goods of all kinds. Also, 303 Aerospace Protectant - another "green" product that will make you throw away your Armor All (please!), won't make seats slick, and blocks a ton of UV rays. Works on everything - leather, vinyl, plastic, maybe even skin.

    My main wrenching (heh-heh) experience is with restorations on old Hondas, and the 'Wing guru of all time, Randakk, swears by Marvel Mystery Oil in the tanks of old bikes every so often to keep interior rubber parts nice and flexy -- especially in bikes that sit for long periods. Randakk puts his Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on very few products, and then only on ones that he's tested, so I tend to listen.

    The interior of the tank is in pretty amazing shape - anybody know if that's Red Kote, or was that interior coating stock???? One of my main-most recent jobs was de-rusting a tank, and it wasn't much fun.

    I'm currently reading a great book, The Vincent in the Barn, by Tom Cotter, and I gotta say that the excellent tale being told on this thread could be a chapter from that book - print worthy, for sure. I mean, finding a great old hack AND a hybrid engineering feat all in one place???

    Vicarious thrills lie ahead, and thank you, CDD. If you're new to hack-driving, read up on the how-to's -- there's nothing quite equal to throwing one of these old rigs into a tight, bumpy, off camber lefty curve, hung off the bike like #46, and -- well, you'll just have to try it for yourself, but I guarantee that you're going to like it.

    And, uh, I wouldn't worry too much about that side-stand, at least not when the rig is bolted on! It all comes easy once you remember not to put your left foot down at stop signs. This is considered bad form.

    Sorry if I'm repeating a lot of "product info" that everybody here already knows! Not a paid shill, but I like to find good products that actually, you know, work.

    Regards to all you terrific people.

    Walking Eagle

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    It all comes easy once you remember not to put your left foot down at stop signs.

    I guarantee you I am going to forget.. multiple times.

    Thanks for the tips.


    I moved 'em around Friday for the trip from my garage to my shop.

    If we all didn't know any better, we could pretend I parked them here after a long ride.

    Oh, and I double-checked the VIN on the conversion frame versus the tag. Different numbers.. the number on the frame matched the bill of sale, though.

    Oh, and there's a Hoske in the mail coming my way..

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    Hoske tank?

    Oh my. Pictures, please!
    Dave Swider
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbasa View Post
    Hoske tank?

    Oh my. Pictures, please!
    I was waiting for someone to take the bait. Hoske RS4, 10-gallon (39 liter).

    Like the bikes, it's rough. But, also like the bikes, it'll be nice when I'm done with it.

    I hope to see it on my doorstep soon.

    Life is good.

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    Of course, the one friggin' night where they sit out on my trailer.. and there's an ice storm. Then, the drive to my shop, they get covered in salt.

    But, ya know, life could be worse.

    Thawing in my shop now:

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