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Thread: New Nolan n103 on Day Two...

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    I bought it to try Nolan. I like the flip up concept.
    I flip it up on the slower side streets... Or pulling into a gas station.
    Bluetooth? No way. As a matter of fact I think it should be illegal in helmets.
    Noise? No worse than any other I've used.
    I use Howard Leight Foam Ear Plugs. Can't ride w/ out them now.

    I tried my iPod again on my hour+ commute home... Ugh. Can't do it.
    Part of my reason to ride is to get away from that stuff.

    Nolan... Very comfortable. Great buckle system too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Braddog View Post
    I had a Nolan N100E that I really liked because of how it fit me and because of the convenience of the flip front. The wind noise issue was unacceptable, even with ear plugs.
    So, my question is, do people buy the new N103 if they don't care about all of the communication/Bluetooth features? Do people buy the N103 just to have a Nolan flipup? Or are they buying it for the other features?
    Honestly, I think I prefer the full face over the flipup, but still may try a flipup for my next helmet in a couple of years.

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    I've had a Nolan N-103 for over a year now.. I ride year round -- through snow, thunderstorms, heavy rains, etc.

    No leaking whatsoever. Never get wet with it. Rarely water will come on inside of visor, but only if I've cracked it a bit.

    No wind leakage no matter which way my head faces.

    Must use pinlock shield or it will fog!

    Internal flipdown visor hangs about 1/4" down even when in the full up position which annoys me. But the visor being internal with easy slider for it on the outside is nice.

    Bluetooth system is good in concept but crappy in execution. The battery life is absolutely horrible. I ended up ripping out the boom mic because the audio system sucked.... The helmet is abit loud to begin with, and the speakers arent powerful at all so is near impossible to hear anyone talking at speeds above 45MPH. Furthermore the audiojack on the base of the helmet is horrid. You must use their cable because generic ones will not fit properly (think of the problems with the original iphone headphone jack). Their cable has a large plug that sticks about an inch and a half down from base of helmet before it becomes flexible cabling. When you look to the left to clear, this plug hits your shoulder... after about a month of usage, the internal mounts for the jack break and it becomes no longer usuable.

    I do like the flip up and front pinlock... easy to one-handed use and feels solid.

    The chin strap buckle is awesome... when I get a new helmet I am going to cut it off and put it on my half-helmet.

    Some have complained about weight, but it seems pretty light compared to a flight helmet with NVGs attached



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