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Thread: Baxley LA Chock Question

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    Baxley LA Chock Question

    Anyone have a Baxley Chock for their trailer? I just got mine and the front tire gets stuck in the chock and I can't pull it back out as it is supposed to do. I had it in the #2 position and the bike stood up right without any help but I could not pull it back out of the chock while sitting on the seat. Had to get someone to push it back out. I then put in the #3 and then #4 position to widen the chock and the bike was not stable and would not stand on its own while in the chock. I did all this with the chock sitting on the garage floor. It is supposed to do this without being bolted down.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I haven't called Baxley customer service yet.

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    I have a couple of the LA Chocks on my trailer. They are supposed to grip the tire tightly. I believe the documentation packed with them had recommended settings for a given tire width.

    I do not sit on the bike when I back it out of the chock. I stand to the left and "rock" it out by pushing & pulling gently on the hand grips - no harder than I would to roll the bike around the yard. No problems yet, but I rarely use the trailer. I also always stand to the left of the motorcycle to put it on and off of the center stand. It just works better for me than staying astride. YMMV.

    Roy F

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    Thanks for the reply. I called Baxley and talked to the tech. Got it squared away. Works fine now.
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