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Thread: squealing from front brake at low speeds normal? 2005 R1200GS

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    squealing from front brake at low speeds normal? 2005 R1200GS

    The front brake of the R1200GS I have squeals as I slow down, at say, < 15mph. Is that normal? I checked the pads and they look like they have plenty of wear left in them.


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    Yeah, some bikes do that. I don't know if it is because of the bike or because of the way the rider uses the brakes. Most of my BMWs going back to my R80RT have squealed at low speeds.

    You can remove the pads and use something like this on the back to temporarily stop the noise (Permatex Disc Brake Quiet). But it will start up again soon enough.

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    R1200gs, 2005

    I traded a R1200ST for my current ride due to issues w/ my aging body and discomforts associated w/ the ST foot peg and handlebar placement. Especially on longer trips.

    The GS had a "screech" when the front brake is applied from the very start. Two services since, and still have the noise. The ST never had this problem! I've asked my BMW master tech to look into it during two services. Result: It still screeches on slow, low speed stops. I assume it's not a problem, but it is annoying!

    I now use the rear brake for my final approach and aviod the strangled cat calls.


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    Ok thanks for the replies! I just don't know what to expect as normal. The sound would make me wonder what was wrong on my other bike.

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    Try a different brand of brake pad - some squeal and some don't.

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    Service bulletin # 34-007-05 (037) Defect code 34 00 90 39 00 Retrofitting anti-squeal kit.
    Which is a set of rubberized washers washers to install on both front discs. This only applies to 2005 R12GS-R12ST and K12S and was done under warranty if a customer complained.
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