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Thread: Switched outlet? R1200R

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    Switched outlet? R1200R

    OK so I started cleaning my 2009 R1200R (only bought it recently) the other day and I noticed a auxiliary outlet plug hidden from view under the seat on the left hand side of the bike. Upon further inspection the outlet is the same size as the BMW accessory plug. So I got my meter out and tested it. Nothing, so I put the key in the ignition and turned the bike on and low and behold 12v. Turn the bike off still 12v. After waiting a while the outlet goes back to 0v. On my F650 GS the accessory outlet was always hot so I could plug directly into that so I didn't have to remove the seat to put a battery tender on it. Anyone know of a way to change this switched outlet to a always hot outlet?

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    Simple-rewire the outlet so it connects to battery directly. There are commercial kits for this purpose- try powerlet.

    As buit by BMW it is vontrolled through one of your bike computers, the ZFE, and tht's why it behaves the way it does.

    The ZFE has current limits for the outlet(s) and is also a kind of fuse. Values are 10A on newer 1200s and 5A on older ones.

    If you wire to battery, do not be so foolish as to leave out a proper fuse in the line, close to the battery, and be sure to have adequate loom, good routing and securing. Any heavy gauge wire connected to a battery is a potential fire hazard if shorted while unprotected.

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    All the electrics on your R1200R (lights, horn, accessory plug, etc.) are controlled by a Central Chassis Electronics control unit, or Zentrale Fahrzeugelektronik (ZFE). The ZFE is simply a power distribution module. You will notice your bike has no fuses and only one relay, the starter relay. The ZFE monitors power to all the circuits connected to it and shuts down any circuit drawing too much current. The ZFE is also responsible for the delay after turning the key off before the accessory socket goes dead.
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    If you don't want to rewire the socket you can buy the expensive BMW battery charger which knows how to tell the ZFE not to turn off the socket.

    How expensive? $169.95 at A&S.

    That's about $120 more expensive than a Battery Tender Plus which will charge your battery equally as well providing you rewire the socket or use some other method to access the battery. I have a fused pigtail connected directly to the battery that is hidden out of the way when not in use.

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