2002 1150R - Integral ABS - OEM rotor had some wear after 19,000 miles, visible (inboard pad) looked worn. When disassembled the inner pad was 1/2 has thick as the outboard pad and tapered toward the top and front of the bike. The pistons in the calipers pushed back with just firm pressure so did not seem to be sticking. I replaced the parts with a SS EBC rotor, new bolts and EBC sintered pads. Took it for a couple of short rides (<30 miles) and looking at the new rotor it is now scored like the OEM. (Made sure my foot was not on the pedal)
the manual indicates caliper mounting or piston sticking. Will check this evening to see how the tire rotates, any sound or feel of dragging. Then I thought I would ride around the block, put it on the center stand, apply the brake and see if it releases?
Any other thoughts