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Thread: Rick Mayer Saddle

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    Rick Mayer Saddle

    Used the original equipment for 34,000 miles - Went for a ride in appointment w/ Rick on Tuesday - what an improvement!

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    That looks really

    sweet. Bet it's cumfy!!
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    BMW Comfort seat my Aunt Matilda. Mine is coming. 12 OCT build date.
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    You may want to try cleaning your bike first before taking a picture of it.

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    My seat arrives this coming Tuesday (the 21st), can't wait.

    But then my right arm/hand is in a cast till mid-Oct., so all I'll be able to do is sit and look, but that works too.

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    Is Rick a hands on owner and do some of the seats? I've got his Brothers, Rocky, seat and its quite fine too, but he is very little into the building part. So, does Rick? Both these guys are about an equal ride for me and I have another bike needing a seat. I would like to see an owner get into what he preaches, with his own fingerprints. A lot of seats probably requires a lot of workerbees I know, but? Randy

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    As of three years ago, when I had the seat done on my R1200ST (very much like BobST's bike!), Rick made them all. He has had an assistant from time to time, but I've never seen anyone else do the foam work. For the record, I have 4 seats done by Rick.
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    Very much hands on. Rick did the "consulting, design" and foam work, another for the sewing and another stapled it together. Janell (sp?) handles the paper work and keeps the boys inline. About 3 hrs. from start to finish.

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    That is a GOOD lookin' bike. RM saddles are da bomb. I got one on my 1150GS and took a 3500 mile ride (with a stop at the Rally in Redmond) and really love that seat.

    But I've always been one who loved the look of the poor ST which did not last long in the BMW line up. I think they are great lookin' bikes and yours is a fine, fine example.

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    "But I've always been one who loved the look of the poor ST which did not last long in the BMW line up. I think they are great lookin' bikes and yours is a fine, fine example."

    Well thanks Munch!

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    No fancy one here, but looks good to me.

    I just recently bought a Rick Mayer Saddle for my R1100S.

    I live in Alaska and the bike is in Denver and Rick's shop is in California..
    The blank saddle came from North Carolina, and all was done on the internet, all was seemless, and I get to go and ride it in a week.

    I am very happy with the look... my son says, "I'll will never use the stock seat again... dump it."

    Thanks Rick and crew for making this a easy and reasonable purchase.

    Here is a picture.

    Jim Dahl
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    Thumbs up R1200R Rick Mayer seat

    My OEM seat was a 30-minute max torture rack.

    Called Rick and had the fix in about 9 weeks. Great service, great product well worth the money. I did mine totally over the phone and via email without problem. The new seat is an easy all-day saddle, and even the Boss Lady loves it.

    Original vs Rick Mayer:

    On the bike:

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