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Thread: Schuberth Helmets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorwerk View Post
    Be advised that if you go outside the USA to purchase a helmet Schuberth will not offer any assistance what-so-ever.
    Not really a surprise.. BMW will do the same thing if you import a car on your own to the US, BMW-NA will not offer assistance or honor the warranty. (Note this doesn't apply for Euro-Delivery cars ordered in the US..)
    Unfortunate, because they were unavailable prior to their return to the US.
    True - but the service situation hasn't changed for those people who ordered and imported them by themselves. FWIW - Schuberth in Germany WILL stand behind those helmets, if you ship the helmet to them (at least they did for several friends who were in that position.) The buyers saved money buying the helmets - the "savings" may cost them money in the long run, that's the gamble they took. I can't recall anyone twisting their arms to buy the helmets from Europe (or Canada).
    Not sure why they refuse to stand behind a product, except for obvious liability reasons, no matter where it was purchased during their absence. Also wonder why the premium as a US purchase compared to what is offered in Europe.
    The liability is probably the biggest reason. I understand (grapevine stuff) that the design was very slightly modified to meet the DOT requirements from the ones sold in Europe. If the US based company then serviced the helmets meeting the Euro (not DOT) specs they leave themselves open to liability for a product that was never intended nor approved to be sold in the US.

    I can't imagine any company doing that - and I know the same situation arises if you buy "gray-market" goods such as electronics, cameras, etc.

    As far as the premium price - can we say Product Liability Insurance? I'll bet thats a good part of the difference in price. The US supports more attorneys per person then any other country in the world - and that costs us every day. BMW stopped importing the "System" helmets into the US for that exact reason - it wasn't economically feasible when they factored in the liability costs.
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    The U.S. supports more attorneys per person...deilenberge
    And then there's the civil juries...

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