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Thread: 1984 R80RT Turn Signal Relay

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    1984 R80RT Turn Signal Relay

    OK, i've read Snowbums articles and I read the Airheads tome on relays and even the "cheatsheet" on relays. My brain is swirling and I'm more confused now than before.

    I think I know from what I've read so far that I THINK my turn signal is an "H". I'm just looking for someone to confirm or correct me on the right choice from what I've pasted below as this is what is listed: I'm not a mechanic to say the least but the listing below is not very clear as far as my particular model is concerned.

    Turn/Hazard/Warning/Flasher Relays
    61 31 1 352 941 [E] /5 (15, 54, ?)
    61 31 1 358 194 [F] /6 to 9/80 (31, 49, 49a, C)
    61 31 1 244 392 [G] 9/80 on (31, 49, 49a) and R45, R65, G/S and ST
    61 31 2 306 014 [H] all 'GS, 'R and 'MYS '91 on ("K-Bike" L, R, Cancel buttons)

    with that hopefully being confirmed, does that mean that I can either order a "Hella: 4DB 009 138-001" (see below) relay and it will be plug and play for my situation? From what i've been reading, i don't think i want to finance a stock relay from BMW!

    BMW: 61 31 2 306 014
    Type: 12V; electronic flasher
    Notes: all 'GS, 'R and 'MYS '91 on ("K-Bike" L, R, Cancel buttons)
    Hella: 4DB 009 138-001
    EAN: 4082300101188

    Also, can anyone confirm that said relay is in the headlight or under my fuel tank?

    Thanks to all that respond, it's getting a little dicey out there using hand signals with the earlier darkness we're getting out here in the northern climes!


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    If your and 84 RT??

    You are looking for the P/N for 80 and on... you have the answer in your text.

    My guess is == "G"

    Most likely the relay is in the headlight pod.

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    I agree...from the Haynes circuit diagram, it only shows three connections - 49, 49a, and 31.
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    thanks guys, much appreciated!

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