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Thread: Long distance rider? (nut can't make

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    Long distance rider? (nut can't make

    So I fat fingered the title on my stupid I phone.
    I guess I should buy a home computer and Internet service instead of gas, cheap hotel rooms, and lots of beer.

    So hereis my post.

    Ok, I introduced myself a couple of months ago. I was preparing a r75/7 for the Iron Butt 5000. Since then I finished 38th riding a little less than 4300 miles in 5 days. I currently own a r100gdpd with 90k miles, a r75/7 with 52k miles and a r1150rt with 150k miles. I am a AMI certified Harley mechanic that has made the change to riding BMW's. The iron Butt Association has been my passion since 2004. At my real job I teach high school students to weld.
    Now I am preparing for the 2011 Iron Butt rally. I really like my RT but it is getting a little long in the tooth. I am considering a k1200gt that my dealer has. It is a 2007 with abs. Is this what you would ride or would you continue on the RT?
    Thanks for your opinion.
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    If the GT fit's ya physically and financially, go for it!

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    Bill Burke
    You might want to contact Joel Rappoport. He rode in at least two IBR's on an airhead and I think he's going to a bigger bike for his next shot at it. Good luck in the drawing.

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    Joel has defected to an FJR 1300. His BMW was left weeping in the garage while he was out having an affair with his new girlfriend during the IB5000. Joel had a great ride, finishing in the middle of the pack.

    If the K1200GT fits you - remember, there are no compromises to comfort when choosing a long distance bike, the bike has to be the most comfortable place on the planet - for you - for it to be the right choice - for you - then go for it.

    As to the competence of the K1200GT properly setup for endurance rallies, Jeff Earls [2nd] and Ken Meese [9th] were Gold Finishers in the 2009 Iron Butt Rally. The First Place finisher, Jim Owen, was on an R1200RT, as was Chris Sakala [4th].
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    As part of finishing the IB5K I get to bypass the draw. When I was building my hopeless class bike I spent quite a bit of time talking with Joel. He has moved over to an FJR. He rode it in the IB5K and finished pretty well and will be riding it in the 2011 IBR. Ken Meece had a major break down during the 10 n 10 rally last week. He had advance warning of the problem but couldn't get it fixed. I can adapt about any bike to me. I have done a ultimate coast to coast on the PD, a sunrise to sunset on a Ulysses, the ss5k on my rt and the top down gold on the /7. I really like my RT but worrie about it's mileage even though it is very well maintained.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Congrats on the IB5000! My name didn't get drawn (again), but it looked like a blast. Hopefully I'll get a shot at it or the big one someday.

    Keep us posted on your prep.

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    Well, I ended up buying a r1200rt-p from It only has 14k on the clock and a few scuffs but nothing major. I made a custom seat for it that now is getting covered. Then I will probably move the bars and pegs. I like the looks of the radio box but not the way it opens. I'll use it for patterns as I build my fuel cell tool box combination. I'll post a link when I start my new thread on advrider.

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    We'll be pulling for you!

    Ride safe AND far AND sMile!

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    Here is a link to my build on advrider.
    Thanks for your support,

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