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Thread: 2017 RT, Nav VI, samsung, sena connection problems

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    2017 RT, Nav VI, samsung, sena connection problems

    Ok, this has me asking for help. Just purchased a 2017 RT that the owner had Nav V, Bovee and Iphone. Everything was working for him. He kept his Nav V. I purchased a used Nav VI. (It has a warranty) I can get the bikes audio system to connect and play music through the sena. I can get the Nav VI to see and momentarily connect my phone (Samsung Note 10) and sena 10C Pro. After a few seconds the Nav VI the phone and headset disconnect. Both items are still listed on the Nav as paired devices. My phone still has the Nav and sena listed as paired devices. I've cleared the devices and re-paired them. I've paired them in different orders but still the same result. They connect with the Nav VI momentarily then the connection is lost. AFAIK the connect codes don't have to be entered. If they are where is that done? Any thoughts? Thanks, Eric

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    I have a 2019 RT after watching many you tube videos and almost losing my mind a few times , this is how I paired my nav VI , bmw ,sena 20s evo and iphone 10 unpair every thing and do a factory reset on your sena unit..1 pair the sena headset to the motorcycle using the primary phone connection 2. pair the headset to the nav using the secondary phone connection 3.pair the phone to the nav. I have watched several videos and all of them say not to pair the phone to the sena that there is conflict if you pair these . hope this helps hope it works the same way for a android phone .

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    Also I've never been able to consistently link up the bikes fm / siriusxm radio to the headset , I quit trying , I just listen to pandora or xm via the phone through the nav and into the headset .

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    This vid may or may not help. It is all about the sequence of connecting things..
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