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Lets start with something simple and build on it.

The SPOT help message space is very limited. We need to be able to tell folks to use datum WGS84 and to set their GPS to decimal format. It would also be good to tell them the phone number of your roadside assitance, policy number, etc.
There is all kind of information that we want those on our distribution list to know, but not enough space.

On another fourm, someone showed me an example of what they do. This is his help message.

"This is 'your name', I need some help. It's not an emergency. See http://ridetoeat.com/helpexample for more info."

If you 'click' on that website, that would give the us the ability to provide lots of information. If we could get MOA to put te anomous

I clicked on your link and that is very impressive.

Great idea. Useful information. Direct and to the point.