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Thread: Need input for Utah trip

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    Cool Need input for Utah trip

    My step son and I are doing a little trip this coming September. We're going to spend a day or so at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then go up through Utah into Colorado. Maybe hit part of the Great Divide route back towards Angel Fire, NM.
    We'll stay in motels a couple of nights and camp the rest. Planning on about 8 to 10 days.
    My delima is there are so many roads/trails and not enough time. We will be going pavement part of the way and backroads/major trails. I will be on the R100GS and he will be on his KTM 950 S. We aren't looking for knarly type trails as this is a leasurely trip but do want some dirt back roads. I know there are a lot of you that have been to these areas so I would like some suggestions. Looking at the maps there are thousands of back roads and we need some ideas on which ones to use. If I had a couple of years I'd just go down all of them.

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    Bob, do you have a Garmin GPS? I can send you a bunch of routes. Also, the kind of info you're after is easier to relate via phone, each of us map in hand. Feel free to call me (801)368-3690. If you're a AAA member stop by and get their "Indian Country" map (maybe not totally PC name, but a great map), second best is "Recreational Map of Utah" from GTR Mapping (719)275-8948. This one shouldn't be hard to find, they'll have 'em in most convenience store/gas stations in any of the four corner states.

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    Yes, I do have a Garmin GPS and would appreciate any routes you can help me with.
    I will keep your phone number and call you in a week or so.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Thumbs up Utah

    Utah is the one state that surprised me the most last summer. I had no idea how beautifull that state is. I visited Bryce and Zion and was blown away by their beauty . If you plan your trip well you ought to see some stunning scenery. Monument Valley is another part not to miss either. I know, so many choices so little time. The Indian Country map is great to have as it details a lot of backroads you can take. You have plenty of time to plan your trip and I would visit too, as some of those guys there are into serious offroading.
    Good luck with the trip

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    Thumbs up Zion National Park

    Hi Bob

    I had a great time camping at Zion National Park last summer. The campsites are good and there is excellent public transit to get around the park (in LP-powered buses). You can park your bike for a day or two and ride the free busses around the park--a great way to keep car traffic down in the park. Of course the roads in-and-out are pretty good rides too. Brice is beautiful, but I really got a kick out of Zion.
    Onward, through the fog!

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