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Thread: GPS 665 -Need Factory Wiring Part Number

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    Wiring up a Garmin GPS - I hear BMW has a part for this

    I attended a BMW Rally a year ago and listened to a speaker describing the different GPS models . He also mentioned that the RT's are used as california highway patrol motorcycles and they have built-in power connections for accessories . Can anyone tell me what BMW wiring cable is used to power up a GPS and where its located. I'd like to power up my unit using a factory connection if possible.
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    It would help us to know what model and year bike you are asking about.

    On most older BMW bikes you can wire the GPS into the front parking light circuit. On newer CAN-bus bikes that might work too but the controller may be smart enough to sense a circuit overload. In that case, wire it to the headlight circuit using a relay and tapping poer directly from the battery.
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    Jurgen thanks for the reply. iI have a 03 1150 RT. again from what I have heard at the qunicy ralley in California there is a power connector that I thought plugged into factory connector. no soldering etc.

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    Go to the fiche on Max BMW

    Main group 65. There are two fiches on the BMW Nav. All the components are listed. My guess would be the connector is hidden behind the triple tree, as it is on the R12RT's.

    You could probably call a shop and ask as well.
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