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Thread: Which Gloves to Buy

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    Question Which Gloves to Buy

    I'm trying to decide what gloves to buy. I am looking for something that is waterproof and works well in cooler wearther. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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    For "cold" weather, not cooler, I wear Olympias with goretex/thinsulate and gauntlet cuffs. For "cooler" weather I wear the same thing as any other time to ride-leather with a thin liner glove insideFit matters more to me than anything else. You can buy the cheapest deer or elk glove you can find and it will likely be a good choice-unless you want one of literally dozens of the other choices.My favorite pair of gloves came from ebay on the cheap and are black deerskin and really fit me. They are soft and comfortable! While not protecting me like some sort of armored affair, they feel great. I bought the gloves @ rally in TN last year that are designed by a hand doc and while they are very good, I find I prefer the old ones. When my gloves are wet they work the same as always and dry out quickly on the run. Heated grips don't transmitt through many of the heavy gloves sold for winter, so you may want to consider hand protectors.
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    I do this:)

    SKI Shops. They always have waterproof gloves for us Snow Ski'ers. I've been buying these for years with much happiness, for my winter riding. The prices are not bad either, much less than most biker gloves. These ski gloves come in a huge variety of styles from mittens to three finger to all finger types and usually a large selection too at most ski shops, or sporting goods stores that sell winter apparel. My last set cost me around 25 bucks and last about two years plus, riding a LOT. Randy

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    I have four basic pairs I use for different reasons. ICON leather have over 100,000 miles on these summer gloves but they do not have bells on them to come up over your jacket for cold weather but perfect no sweat gloves for summer and function. JOE ROCKET for rain keeps the hands dry and warm but you will sweat in them a little when it's muggy. BMW winter gloves for cold they have the bell that comes over the jacket and keep cold out with heated grips and last but not least GERBINGS for Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. when major heat is needed. So in my opinion I always carry at least two of the four depending on the weather in central PA. Hope this helps

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    I have Held Namib and use liners when it's cold. LOVE them.

    I live in NorCal, so it's never sweltering or humid here, so I don't know what they're like in that type of weather.
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    Read the review in this months MOA owners news on the Held gloves. Expensive but sound great.
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    Aerostitch Elkskin.....

    no affiliation, just very satisfied customer.

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    I'll second the Aerostitch Elkskin......super comfort and decent warmth

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    I really like these and they get excellent reviews. I'm reluctant to buy without trying, however, as glove sizes make about as much sense as the stock market. I have at least four pair that don't fit that somebody promised "would break in with time."

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    It's going to be a little hard to narrow it down because you didn't say what you mean by "cooler" and if you have heated grips or not.

    I've tried other gloves, but in waterproofs, I've had the best luck with BMW gloves. I have two pairs of waterproof gloves that have done well.

    One pair is a set of BMW ProSummer gloves. Even through they are called ProSummer, they probably would be better called a Spring/Fall glove. The Goretex liner does a good job of blocking the wind. Comfortable down into the 40's (F) with heated grips. I've worn these in 100F and they are tolerable, but not my first choice.

    The other pair is a set of BMW Atlantis 2 gloves. With a set of thin Thermite liners (I think that's what the liner material is called) I got at Sports Authority , I've worn these down into the low 20's with heated grips.

    Both sets of gloves have held up well. I've never had either set leak, even in major downpours.

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    I brought along a pair of Gill neoprene's, that I use in cold wx when sailing, just to test them out on my trip to Alaska..

    ..worked very well..they fit well and had better feel of the controls than my leather pair.



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    I really like BMW-branded gloves.
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    Don't get into a lotta angst about a glove's as personal a choice as oil, helmets, jackets, what have you, and the only person that knows what works is YOU!!! And the only way to know what works for you is try different things... Honestly, asking around is just a good way to confuse the issue...with all due respect...

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    I have a pair of BMW Pro Summer Gloves, about 2 years old, about 15,000 miles. I have been wearing them on every ride every season. With a thin liner, used below freezing (short rides, not a problem for me), and as high as 100 degrees. In the rain, I have never had to think about my hands, so that is a good thing. I don't feel air penetrating the gloves and I believe the gloves do allow evaporation as advertised. I feel my hands are well protected and I have a good feel through the gloves. My only complaint is a couple of months ago the liner has started to want to come out when I pull the glove off. When this happens it takes more effort to put them back on, getting the liner and the fingers aligned properly - this problem usually occurs on hot days after a long ride. I like the gloves but given the liner issue, I doubt I would buy these gloves again.

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    Thumbs up Bmw

    BMW wintergloves... available at any BMW dealer or you can order online. They go onsale every now and again (I bought a last winter 09 the 08 model for $70.00 half off)... best, warm winter gloves on the market, unless you want to go electric... that is a whole other ball game... this is what was recommended to me by a friend and that is also what the research showed me. I second the info...
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