The senario:I just bought a used Garmin Zumo550 on Ebay. It is shown to be turned on in the pics and has 2011 Maps loaded. One screen shown indicates Software version 4.80 & another CN North America NT 2010.20. It comes to me with a WS mounting,original cradle,GTM 20 Traffic Reciever/Charger cable & a USB cable. There is no MC mtg included. It can be sent back for a full refund in 3 days from receipt. This seller has a number of Garmin units/accessories for sale on ebay. They sent me a "Square Trade" warranty "opportunity" in an email after I just made payment, offering protection for touch screen failure and/or chipset malfunction, regularly priced at $48,20% off @ $38 now. I'll say too, that I am not someone that usually buys add on warranties. I paid $345 total,shipping included to place a perspective on the siuation. I looked online and it appears that I can download the Owners Manual to a disk.
Questions: Which MC mtg is best liked for use on R1150R?
What am I missing that I need?
Would you buy the warranty?
Will the WS mtg work OK for a Toyota Tundra(as in too far away to view?
Will the WS mtg work OK in our BMW 328 sedan?
What items work best to hardwire the unit to my bike ?
Is the cig cord the best arrangement to use in the car/PU?
What questions didn't I ask that I should? The newbie part refers to me never having owned a GPS before!