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Thread: Lost Radiator fans-Can they be checked at home???

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    Unhappy Lost Radiator fans-Can they be checked at home???

    Just installed a new battery(AMG)and washed the bike, 06' K1200GT, while drying and getting a few bugs off of the screen I started the bike to let it get up to operating temp. After a little while I recognized that the fans hadn't come on and by that time the steam was fogging the wind screen and I had a red temp light.
    Is there any way to check the fans without taking it to the dealer? I'm not worried about the road part of the trip, just the city part, with all of the traffic and stops.
    Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to have to haul it!!

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    First of all welcome and sorry to hear about your problem - two quick things to do is check the connector at the fan to ensure it is on and there is no debris or other material affecting connection. Based on your post I am assuming the fans worked before washing the bike. The second thing you can do is check the connection for the water temp to make sure that is ok and a possible 3rd thing is disconnect the fan connector and apply voltqage directly to the fan to make sure it works

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    I don't know what's not waterproof on a K1200 or 1300 but I can list a few things that aren't on the RT.

    When you wash a bike, do it gently and don't try to forcefully hose out places rain doesn't fall. Also don't ever spray any connectors or electrical stuff on your bike with any concentrated surfactant cleaner like S100 and similar because concentrated surfactants arte a great way to wick water into places where it wouldn't otherwise go. Put the surfactants in a bucket of water or use them dilute= S100 and similar are way too concentrated for safe use around electrical stuff.

    Similarly, I don't advise starting a wet bike to dry it off- that's not at all like getting a warmed up bike wet. There's a reason that towels and blow dryers exist- I use one of the latter because it does a good job qnd saves time. Wash mine maybe every 2000-4000 miles depending on how thick the bugs get and how much road grease is on the wheels and body.

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    See if one of your buddies has a GS-911 computer interface. You can look at many of your bikes functions. You can turn on your fan. This does not tell you if the switches & thermostat are okay though. You are into electrical trouble shooting. If you are not into it, use a shop or friend. You need a multimeter, check connections, eliminate issues one by one. Most likely a connection. Tough on a bike and its oil to run into the red at idle. Go for a ride, things may dry out and be just fine. But be observant. check this site for a great tool.

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