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Thread: 2010 Colors in the Catskills 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post

    I sometimes feel the same way about rallies to regional events. What can be done to give it a better value or draw ?

    This event needs corporate sponsorship which I believe people are working on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nplenzick View Post
    This event needs corporate sponsorship which I believe people are working on.
    I like the CiC and appreciate all the hard work that Michael, Josh, Bryan and Rob & compnay put in it. Like you I wish we had a longer reach so any ideas should be welcomed. I might be a boring so I am happy as it is, but for others we might do better some how.

    Thanks Nick.
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    Colors 3

    Quote Originally Posted by TDL283 View Post
    I headed north to Color in the Catskills last month and frankly, if it wasn't for the Hunter Mountain Octoberfest, it probably wouldn't have been worth the trip. The ride up was nice, the weather was nice but there didn't seem to be much there having to do with Motorcycles. There were a few vendors in the front as well as MAX BMW with the Test Ride truck but otherwise, not much going on.

    The Octoberfest however was wonderful. Really good food and the ride was enjoyable. Not a total waste.

    Will have to think about wether or not it will be worth going again next year.


    The weather this year the night before the event put quite a damper (no pun intended) on a number of things including vendor no shows, self guided ride route washouts and camping area plans. In spite of the setbacks we stilll managed to regroup and had the event up and running to the best extent possible.

    What was it that you would have liked, or expected, to see at the Colors in the Catskills event? Let me know and perhaps we can incorporate your suggestions at future events. As Nick and others have noted, this event is growing in size and scope. There is very little we would not consider doing to add value and excitement to the CiC.

    Glad to hear that at least you enjoyed the Oktoberfest. CiC is a part of the Oktoberfest and the Oktoberfest is a part of the CiC.

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    We had a great time for having no idea what we were doing. We will go again next year. Coffee in the morning would be a great thing for us campers. Maybe I just did not find the coffee. We loved Max's test rides.
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    Thumbs up Color in the Catskills

    I didn't make it to CIC this year because my front brakes were waiting for the recall notice service, but I went the year before and I had a great time at CIC. I think a lot of people expect the same amenities you get at a paid rally at a free ride-in event. I just don't think that is realistic. I thought the bands were great and the riding in the area is spectacular, my friends took advantage of the free GS clinic and raved about how good it was, the Octoberfest food and activities were great too. It would be nice if showers were available for the campers, because I would like to camp onsite, but other than that I have no complaint of a free ride-in event. I camped down the road at the state park and it was fine. I think Mike Friedle and the others that work on this event deserve our thanks for putting on a nice, free ride-in event at a time of year when there are not a lot of things going on. My contention is that the thing that really makes any rally or event great is the people, and the people at this event were great. Any opportunity to kick back with BMW riders and talk bikes and share adventurous (true?) stories of your travels while enjoying the company of those that know what it's like is a gift, throw in a campfire and I'm happy as a clam (as John Prine would say). My thanks to Mike Friedle, the CIC team and Max BMW that work to make this happen, it is a wonderful work in progress.


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    You probably won't like what I have to say but I bailed out after one day. I had been to the first CIC and thought it was fun and oriented towards motorcyclists and BMW owners. I liked the idea that it was adult oriented, men and women who owned and rode motorcycles. Now and what I saw this year was that it was a free for all, everyone welcome, kiddie/family oriented, not a bmw owners or even bike event. Lots of food vendors, Kids, dogs and mommies and daddies. Nothing wrong with all that but this was supposed to be bike/rider oriented. At times outside it was incredibly crowded with people who had nothing to do with Mc's and just in the way. It is nice to have an event designed for riders and having it attended by the same. Sorry but I'm a little crancky but I feel like we got short changed here. I wouldn't waste my time there again. I also heard the same from many others who were there.

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    You should ask for a refund.

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