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Thread: Shoei Syncrotec Problem

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    Shoei Syncrotec Problem

    I was out on my snowmobile this weekend and wearing my Shoei Syncrotec helmet. I have never experienced any problems with this until yesterday. I could not get the helmet to lock shut on both sides. What an uneasy feeling knowing that your helmet is not safe. I am guessing that this problem must have been due to freezing up of the mechanisms inside the helmet, as it seems to work fine now that it has been inside overnight. Now that my trust in the helmet is gone, I feel that the helmet is useless to me.
    I am not sure how many of you use the same helmet on both your snowmobile as your cycle, but I just wanted you to be aware of a possible problem.
    I am wondering if anyone has experienced this with this helmet? And would you still trust it?

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    I wear a Syncrotec and haven't experienced that problem. When mine was about 3 months old, the screws and springs on one side of the visor mechanism came loose. I finally got it all back together and found every screw on both sides were loose. After tightening everything, I've had no more problems in 3 years.

    I'm thinking of replacing it with a Nolan next time. IMO, the Synchrotec is overpriced for its quality, noisey, doesn't have a removeable liner and the visor doesn't seal well onto the chin piece. I like Shoei's full-face helmets and their fit, but am not all that happy with the Syncrotec.

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    RT - My experience with the Syncrotec have been very similar to yours, except I had one screw come out and become lost while out on a long ride and I had to remove the visor and ride home with bugs between my teeth. It is noisy and the lining doesn't come out. It also presses flat down aross my forehead.

    Anyway - I have changed the visor hardware, tightened everything up, and passed the helmet down to my wife, who seems to like it. I went to a Schuberth Concept - I really like the built-in dark visor.

    Oh - and Dawg, haven't had the freezing problem here in Arizona....

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