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Thread: Disc Locks

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    Disc Locks

    Anyone have an opinion of the Xena disc lock? I would like some measure of security for my 2008 R120GS. Any suggestions?

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    Still using the disk lock that was thrown in on the price of my previous bike - no idea of the manufacturer. Most mail order places such as Cycle Gear have a decent selection at good prices. They should all keep the casual passer by from rolling it off but if someone wants the bike it's gone no matter what. Four guys, two pipes and a pickup will do it every time. Happened to a bud's Harley while he was eating in a restaurant and no one saw a thing!
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    I read a thread sometime back on advrider, that people pretty much agreed it was a waste of $ to use these locks. I carry a large dia. kryptonite cable(which can be cut by Chinese bolt cutters no doubt) for below the border, when unable to take the bike inside a lockdown bldg..
    IMO,spend the $ on something more fun or necessary.

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    Do any of the locking methods described above really add significantly more security than simply locking the forks?
    Side note: I know a guy that made the mistake of forgetting his front disc lock was on and attempted to ride off resulting in an immediate crash in front of all his buds...
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    i too fell victim to the wheel lock ... but it didnt make me crash, it didnt do much really. i pulled away with it still on and the lock snapped, fell off and all i felt was a little bump and a noise... i thought for sure my disk was messed up, but luckily no scratches or niks. crappy locks, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone...definitely not worth the money
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    Where are you headed that you feel the need for this?

    There isn't a large stolen bmw motorcycle market.

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