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Thread: 2 Women, 2 bikes, 17 States, 5 Provinces, 23 riding days, 11870 KM

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    Thumbs up August 8th 2010

    August 8th 2010 was a much better day for riding. We took a little tour around Canmore than headed to Banff. Picked up some decals for our bikes, looked around and then headed to Lake Louise, Alberta.

    Not too far from Banff, like ? hour ride. We did not see the lake this time around, we have been there before....we did not want to pay the Banff National park fee and were not allowed to park and see the lake. Oh is a beautiful glacier fed lake very aqua in colour from what we remember. Not worth the $20.

    After getting turned away at the lake we had to make a decision.....go to BC or head north to Jasper. Since we are a bit ahead of schedule we decided to go north and so glad we did. The Glacier Highway is stunning. Rt 93 got us off Highway 1 and the scenery all along this road is breath taking. We have lots of pics to post. The weather varied from 13 degrees C to 22.

    Doing what I do BEST, talk to strangers about our trip and bikes

    Sleeping ELk

    It rained and it was sunny. It was gorgeous and fun riding even though we had to share the road with cars, RV's and trucks. This made for a great day and making me realize that we are almost at the end of this adventure.

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    Talking Video of our ride up the Glacier Highway!

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    Sorry about your Canmore experience. In July and August, Banff and Canmore tend to fill up, and you have to bring your Plutonium Card. Think Whistler, East.

    ...we stopped at a BMW service dealer called Anderwerks...
    So you met our local BMW genius, Dave Anderson ( shown here with Spanish adventure rider, Miguel Silvestre):

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    Great report! Fantastic trip! Wonderful memories.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    The effort you put into reporting your trip is amazing. Great job. Not many people get a chance to take such a great ride and have video records to share.

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    Thumbs up

    thanks for noticing my effort on this RR.....i actually am loving putting it together and I really want both the guys and gals to see what the 650 can do....I have just a few more days to post here and need to edit a few more videos....sort of sad for this RR to come to an end but to be honest it is just the beginning because we are all ready planning our next adventure and are ready to go away as I type!

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    bravo Great first report !! I was about a day ahead of you from Glacier through Lewiston, MT. Didn't know about Browning...... I'm pretty sure that's where I stopped and went to a hardware store and bought some nuts and bolts............ pretty sure the clerk was tweaking.......... how about all those "meth" signs in MT???? I had no idea..... a sheltered life. So, I really like your writing style.. I think I spit some beer out a couple times. Also agree on the pizza. If you can get that first bite in your mouth using only one hand, either you are double jointed in the neck or it's not really pizza !!!

    You gals come down south, give me a holler. this is my garage fridge.......

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    August 8th 2010 con't

    Once in Jasper we tried to find a hotel but heard we had to spend almost $300 for a night. After getting pissed off we headed about an hour east out of town and landed at a good ole KOA in Hinton, Alberta. Out of our way but we got ourselves a little cabin/house with a bathroom, TV and wifi. We are happy campers now and again we had a long day. Not KM wise but time. We were on the road from 0745 to about 1800.

    This was a deluxe cabin and pretty comfy!

    The Hinton early morning Sky

    Went into Hinton for gas, did chain maintenance, and checked our oil level and tires. My rear tire has a little crack in it and the plug is still holding. We have 2 more days on the road and then we should be home. We saw a sign saying Scenic highway to Alaska and we so wanted to turn left and go north. Maybe next year.
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    A few pics of Jasper as we passed through!

    We have been to Jasper before so we did not take a lot of pics. Plus we needed to find somewhere to sleep so in and out real fast!

    My little Panasonic Lumix camera surprised me with it's zooming capabilities...back at Mount Rushmore and here. This is the Gondola in Jasper at the top of the mountain and we are in town taking this pic. The Gondola is miles away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
    This is my first bare with me...........
    Oooh..... I'd love to bare with you, if you can bear it!

    Great report, nice pics. It looks like you guys had fun

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    Need to come back to this report when not at work, looks like a hell of a story!
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    Quote Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
    On this day something weird happened to me while riding. We were on I-90 doing about 140km/hr when we hit a very uneven long stretch of road. I was feeling a little tired but I guess was not aware how tired I was. .....

    ....The heat, 90 degrees and maybe not enough food + being tired made for one wake up call for both us. 5 Hr energy drinks came into my daily morning routine after this incident!
    first, great ride report, but this caught my eye.

    i can't believe how many stories like this i've read about people riding this summer.

    correct me if i am wrong, but i don't see you two using any hydration system... like a camelbak? (i did see the water bladder in your gear pic...)

    dehydration is almost definitely your problem, and 5 hour energy drinks are really not a great way to solve it.

    you might enjoy reading the ironbutt associations 25 tips for long distance tourning.

    thank you for taking time to post such a great ride story and have fun on the rest of your trip.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Not dehydration

    Visian...we stayed hydrated the entire trip....on this day it was only about 2 hours into the day and early in the morning. What I think happened was that I ate fruit for breakfast not the oatmeal I planned on doing all trip long or eggs etc...I don't sleep at the best of times and even when driving a car, sun plus heat puts me into a daze. After this happened, I ate better in the mornings despite my chronic lack of sleep and would use the energy drink on bright sunny hot days.

    In the end that totally worked for me and I don't recall even getting close to having an issue like this day again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarkr View Post
    Oooh..... I'd love to bare with you, if you can bear it!

    Great report, nice pics. It looks like you guys had fun

    cute I fixed it! Grammar freak! JK! Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing your adventure. Sorry about our "Milwaukee-Aroma". Although it's much better now that the yeast company and the alewives are gone.
    And finally, B.C. rocks. I rode through this past June/July and enjoyed it immensly.
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