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Thread: 2 Women, 2 bikes, 17 States, 5 Provinces, 23 riding days, 11870 KM

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    Thumbs up 2 Women, 2 bikes, 17 States, 5 Provinces, 23 riding days, 11870 KM

    This is my first bear with me. This will take me some time to complete and will be adding videos as I edit them along the way. Any input to make this a better RR please PM me. Thanks! Trip was from July 16th - August 11th 2010. We rode for 23 days but were away for 26.

    LINK to our BLOG we kept while on the road! A lot of it is posted in this RR!

    OUR SPOT Adventure page

    Quick break down of expenses and this is a rough idea....

    Gas costs = $800 for both bikes
    Camping and lodging costs = about $2000
    Average cost per day including having to replace my Contour HD cam, you will read why later, replacing our intercom system, again you will read what happened, all of our "touristy things", food, gas, lodging and "repairs" was about $198 per day.

    My partner Cheryl and I have been together for 12 years and decided in April we would take our new 2010 BMW F650GS bikes across the USA and Canada and do it in 26 days with riding for 23. We had no itinerary other than we needed to get to New York, specially Long Island to be able to spend time with my family. I am originally from New York and family is important to me. We knew this was going to be a huge distance to cover in a relatively short amount of time but we were up for the challenge.

    So, let me introduce ourselves and show you our bikes. This is me on departure day. My name is Leslie, I am 44 and have been street riding for 3 years. Grew up riding dirt bikes and enduros in NY. I work as an Intensive Care Unit Social Worker in a major Vancouver, BC hospital and love to spend my time way from my vocation riding bikes.

    This is my other half and her name is Cheryl. Cheryl just starting riding bikes 3 years ago after she graduated the RCMP training in Regina. Cheryl is 40 and decided to become a Peace Officer at the age of 36 and was the best career move she could have made.

    Departure day was July 16th 2010 @ 1515 hrs.

    I will be posting more about our gear and what we thought worked best throughout this RR. To back up a bit here are a few shots of our pre-packing day. being our first really long trip we felt the need to be organized and take an inventory of what we thought we would need on this trip. We knew were going to camp out but we also knew we would not stray to far from the beaten path because were needed WIFI access at times as we were BLOGGING this trip and wanted family to be in touch so they did not worry.

    This was our gear for the bikes but later we found it to be too much and shipped some back home.

    Cheryl enjoying a beer as we take a look at the gear. We did this inventory check about 2 weeks prior to departure.

    If you have any specific questions about what we brought and if it worked out please feel free to ask.
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