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Thread: 2 Women, 2 bikes, 17 States, 5 Provinces, 23 riding days, 11870 KM

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    Thumbs up 2 Women, 2 bikes, 17 States, 5 Provinces, 23 riding days, 11870 KM

    This is my first bear with me. This will take me some time to complete and will be adding videos as I edit them along the way. Any input to make this a better RR please PM me. Thanks! Trip was from July 16th - August 11th 2010. We rode for 23 days but were away for 26.

    LINK to our BLOG we kept while on the road! A lot of it is posted in this RR!

    OUR SPOT Adventure page

    Quick break down of expenses and this is a rough idea....

    Gas costs = $800 for both bikes
    Camping and lodging costs = about $2000
    Average cost per day including having to replace my Contour HD cam, you will read why later, replacing our intercom system, again you will read what happened, all of our "touristy things", food, gas, lodging and "repairs" was about $198 per day.

    My partner Cheryl and I have been together for 12 years and decided in April we would take our new 2010 BMW F650GS bikes across the USA and Canada and do it in 26 days with riding for 23. We had no itinerary other than we needed to get to New York, specially Long Island to be able to spend time with my family. I am originally from New York and family is important to me. We knew this was going to be a huge distance to cover in a relatively short amount of time but we were up for the challenge.

    So, let me introduce ourselves and show you our bikes. This is me on departure day. My name is Leslie, I am 44 and have been street riding for 3 years. Grew up riding dirt bikes and enduros in NY. I work as an Intensive Care Unit Social Worker in a major Vancouver, BC hospital and love to spend my time way from my vocation riding bikes.

    This is my other half and her name is Cheryl. Cheryl just starting riding bikes 3 years ago after she graduated the RCMP training in Regina. Cheryl is 40 and decided to become a Peace Officer at the age of 36 and was the best career move she could have made.

    Departure day was July 16th 2010 @ 1515 hrs.

    I will be posting more about our gear and what we thought worked best throughout this RR. To back up a bit here are a few shots of our pre-packing day. being our first really long trip we felt the need to be organized and take an inventory of what we thought we would need on this trip. We knew were going to camp out but we also knew we would not stray to far from the beaten path because were needed WIFI access at times as we were BLOGGING this trip and wanted family to be in touch so they did not worry.

    This was our gear for the bikes but later we found it to be too much and shipped some back home.

    Cheryl enjoying a beer as we take a look at the gear. We did this inventory check about 2 weeks prior to departure.

    If you have any specific questions about what we brought and if it worked out please feel free to ask.
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    July 16th 2010

    The Bikes! Our F650GS bikes are our first BMW bikes. We have owned 7 other makes and models prior to buying these. After spending a ton of $$ I think we finally found our type of bike for the riding we want to do!

    DAY 1 we decided to leave on July 16th rather the 17th and get a head start to Osoyoos, BC which is only about 4 hours away. We left a little after 3 in the afternoon and started heading east! Took a pic of my dash about 30 KM from my house and here is the starting mileage.

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    July 16th 2010 con't Day 1

    The ride out to Osoyoos was simple and we took the Crows Nest path, RT 3 all the way out. Weather was a perfect high 20's Celsius. I will mainly be posting in Celsius and KM but every once in awhile will give you Fahrenheit and miles.

    We stopped for our first night to "camp" at a sort of crowded and busy campground right on the lake. Being our first time camping this way it took us awhile to set up and of course the next day break down camp but as the days went on we got this down to a science.

    On the way we stopped at Manning Park for our first break...and of course had to take a pic or two of the local Gopher residents that room freely around the main info area.

    First pit stop for gas and of course it is right next to the local RCMP detachment.

    This was not far from Osoyoos!

    After fueling up we just continued to ride until we got to the lake. Easy day easy ride and good way to end Day 1.


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    July 17th 2010

    We got some sleep on our first night but not a lot. Right off the bat we were totally impressed with the Thermarest Pro Lite self inflatable pads we bought and we also brought along little memory foam pillows from Canadian tire. Both proved throughout the trip to be indispensable and worthy of the investment. Pillows only cost about $19 CDN. Well worth it and they pack really small.

    The goal for this day was to make it to Glacier National Park. The ride up and around Osoyoos Lake and into the interior of BC was awesome. Another beautiful day weather wise and great views.

    After enjoying the view we were off to the Border and entered the States at Porthill, ID. Interesting enough the Border Guard State side informed us to stay away from Browning Montana. As a matter of fact he said do not stop there or spend the night. He gave no reason but was adamant we agreed to stay away from Browning. Still only heard rumours as to why he said this but won't speculate and we just avoided Browning any way.

    We road for 11 hours this day in about 28 to 31 Celsius or 86 too 90 degree heat. Not long into the ride after we left Osoyoos we noticed Cheryl had a screw in her front tire and I had a very long nail on my rear. Cheryl's tire was fine mine had to be plugged. Nice guy in Castlegar fixed the tire and we got to learn how to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire for $10. Good part it only took 15 mins to fix. We had a plug kit as part of our tool kit so if this happened again we knew we would be able to do it ourselves.

    The weather was great but a little hot....the bikes are running well but our butts are getting really sore. Pulled up to a gas station not far from the KOA near Glacier, YES a KOA for WIFI and it is nice.....anyway, this guy saw our HD motorcycle cam and thought we were gnarly. Folks in Montana ride motorcycles without helmets or gear. Either they are crazy or know something we don't. I think we will continue to wear gear and our helmets throughout this HUGE state. We are having difficulties trying to really fit in leisure activities without worrying about getting to NY and back home in 26 days. But we will work it out.

    So, day 2 came to a close and we were still not sure what we were going to do tomorrow....head East, drive up Road to the Sun in Glacier. That would be 4 hrs out of the was time to pack it in for this day.

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    July 18th 2010

    Everyone has to ride the Sun Road and so we did.

    Sunday, July 18, 2010 (415 km) woke up in Kalispell, MT after a decent night’s sleep. Broke down camp and discussed where the Beemer’s would take us today. After a spin on the KOA scooter bike thingers, we were off and heading up the Road to the Sun in Glacier National park.

    The scenery was amazing; however, the traffic was an annoyance we could have done without! FOUR hours to ride 60 miles ugh! Annoying four wheeled vehicles aside, we enjoyed the views and the jaunt was a worthy one. When we reached the summit, Logan’s Pass, we met some fellow Canucks who were also riding, but seemed to think we were crazy for riding such tall bikes, let alone riding them to New York. Ahhhh, they were from Saskatchewan, what do they know! Weather was sunny and hot. High got to 32 Celsius.

    Some views!

    Chatting with fellow Canadians who thought we were nuts for traveling so far in such a short time....the top of the Sun Road.

    Heading to Great real off road riding yet because we needed to still get to NY quickly so we could spend at least 3 or 4 nights with my parents. We rode mainly off the main highways and did country roads.

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    Once we were out of the park, we headed to Great Falls; MT where we splurged and spent the evening in an air conditioned KOA Kamping Kabin.

    I can‘«÷t be too long without my beloved internet which also why we choose the KOA‘«÷s as they have WIFI access. We had a nice relaxing enjoyable evening, drinking some beer, chilli on the fire and even a shower! Cleaned and shined up, we headed to bed in our cute little kabin for the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
    This is my first bare with me...........
    Oooh..... I'd love to bare with you, if you can bear it!

    Great report, nice pics. It looks like you guys had fun

    "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most" Mark Twain

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    Need to come back to this report when not at work, looks like a hell of a story!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarkr View Post
    Oooh..... I'd love to bare with you, if you can bear it!

    Great report, nice pics. It looks like you guys had fun

    cute I fixed it! Grammar freak! JK! Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing your adventure. Sorry about our "Milwaukee-Aroma". Although it's much better now that the yeast company and the alewives are gone.
    And finally, B.C. rocks. I rode through this past June/July and enjoyed it immensly.
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    Oh the joys of being on the road. Nice job!
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    Wow! Great job and looks like a fantastic trip. Didn't plan on sitting here all morning reading but just couldn't stop. Really enjoyed it but now I'm behind schedule.
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    What a GREAT trip report! I'm so glad that you made out OK after that scare on the highway - as many point out, hydration and blood sugar levels are important, but we also have to be cautious of a phenomena called "microsleep" that can afflict us when doing long trips, especially if sleeping patterns are disrupted.

    Thank you for the entertaining, educational, and well photographed report - it is obvious that you both are up to the challenge, and a good match for riding through life. May you both enjoy many more (s)miles on your shiny BMWs..
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    we make a great riding pair with no issues or competition....we do get on each others nerves at times but like anything else that is when you just shut the intercom off and ride with nothing but your own thoughts and autonomy....well at least until someone has to pee and break the silence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
    Gas costs = $800 for both bikes.
    Therefore, $400 per bike. That is dirt cheap considering how far you went. Are we ever lucky we have such ultra low gas prices.

    These are numbers you'll be able to relate to. I spent 30 days riding overseas, putting 7996 kms on my R1150 GS Adventure and spent CA$1042. One fill-up ran me $64 for 27.2 liters.

    Nice pics BTW.

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