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Thread: Continuing lighting upgrade

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    Continuing lighting upgrade

    Hi, Thanks for all the info related to my earlier thread about upgrading my headlights. I went with the Sylvania Silverstars and it has seemed to help some, also fiddled with the aim which gained a little. I am planning to get a set of Motolites installed at the Lima Rally. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a manufacturer who would make a set of light brackets to mount a set pf PIAA lights up next to my front turn signals, or there-abouts, or anywhere up higher. I have an 04 Rockster, and am curious as to what may be available to do this, or what others have done. Feel free to send a picture to me if you like, thanks.

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    i've got the Martin Fabrications for my 1100s, running PIAA 1100X lights. very nice addition to the stock setup. has nothing on a HID conversion however.
    these guys are very good. you can get just the brackets, or buy a complete kit with lights included. and their price is better by $5 [on just the bracket] than another dealer i found first.
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