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In my 39 years of riding I have done a lot of night riding. Last significant trip was over upper Michigan to Mackinaw on a Sunday night leaving Green Bay at 10pm. Sure enough, around Gladstone, 12pm, a deer standing in the left lane freaks and runs across my lane. But I saw it plenty early, got on the brakes hard in a straight line. I have extra lights on the bike, I expct deer all the time, say a prayer before I ride.

But, I think its time for me to rethink night riding in general. Larry Grodsky, well known author of many cycle safety articles and a book was quoted (two weeks before he died) that he worried more about animals that other road users. He was killed in a deer/bike crash in Texas at night.
I'm with you, Andy. Ride at night if you think you have to, but realize your safety is further compromised by the darkness, and those who lurk in it (can't remember - reference Time Machine, were the Eloy the good guys, or those underground creeps?!).

Have done many a trip to the Mackinaw City area - often admired the Mighty Mac all lit up at night from wherever I was on the Island at the time - awesome sight.

Can only imagine what it must have been like to cross those 5 miles after dark - cool!