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    Question night riding

    opinion on night riding on long trips highway or byways

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    Watch out for critters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley12 View Post
    opinion on night riding on long trips highway or byways
    It's real nice to have extra lighting on your bike. The new lighting is effective and a lot more compact-LED. If you are in the heat of the day 90+, the night drop to 70 doesn't sound like much but it can be. Have a light coat or flannel shirt. Be careful and watch for the glowing eyes.
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    In one of my motorcycle books - I think it is "Ride Hard, Ride Smart" - there is a chapter on riding at night. Allow me to quote the entire chapter:

    "Don't ride at night."

    There are tricks like using other vehicle's headlights, etc. but no matter how careful you are, your odds of a crash go up exponentially after dark. Animals, tires, ladders, mattresses, stalled cars... often cannot be seen at a far enough distance for evasive action.

    One of the most knowledgeable and respected safety instructors on the planet - Larry Grodsky(sp?) was killed when he hit a deer (or a deer hit him) when he was riding at night on his way to celebrate his mom's birthday.

    Some people I know were driving in New Mexico one night. They saw something dark on the road just an instant before they felt a hard impact and their car went airborne. They had hit a bear. The bear and their car were totaled. If they had been on a motorcycle, they may not have survived.

    I was driving - in my car - on I-20 in East Texas (deer country) doing about 70 one night and a couple on a Gold Wing passed me doing at least 80. I hope they made it home.

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    i often ride at "night"... well, oh-dark-thirty in the morning, getting an early start is how i like to tour.

    you get 5-8 hours of cool temps and can really lay down some miles before the sun beats down and madding crowd is out and about. and you get to turn-in early, so that you don't have to ride at night.

    of course, a sharp eye is kept out for critters, road gators and sleepy truck drivers, and a good set of lights aimed correctly is critical.

    i also use some galls reflective tape on my jesse boxes, same stuff they use on emergency vehicles. It positively glows when headlights hit it, even from a long distance away. yet it's very inconspicuous during the day. (i am not a neon fan)

    at some point in time you have to ride at night, you can manage the risks, however you have to realize that they're much higher in the dark.


    caveat: NEVER ride at night in Mexico or many other foreign countries. people drive without headlights there.
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