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Thread: Ohio's Highway 35: Anyone ride this road?

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    Ohio's Highway 35: Anyone ride this road?

    Going to the Rally in Charleston and we have to cut across Ohio to get there.

    I'm wondering if anyone has been on Ohio's Highway 35 which runs from Dayton down into Charleston.

    Is this road worth going on? Or do you have any other suggestions?

    We are coming from Milwaukee WI.



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    I took it about seven years ago. I think it was a little stop and go around Dayton, but a nice divided four-lane all the way to Gallipolis. Then two-lane on the WV side past the nuclear plant.
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    Rt 35 is a good road mostly 4 lanes now but not heavily traveled. This would be a good way to cut accross the central part of Ohio.
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    Rt. 35

    I recently rode Rt 35 south from Dayton down to St. Albans, WV. It's a nice ride, four lanes almost all the way. It's not beautiful beyond imagination but it is pleasent. It's how I plan to ride down to the rally.

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    35 across Ohio is a pleasant 4-lane road. Easy to drive / ride, it's almost an Interstate highway. Used to use it all the time to get down to the New River to go kayaking.

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    Ohio Highway 35

    I recently took Highway 35 down to Franklin Furnace Ohio and I thought it was the worst road ever. There was a lot of little construction sites and it took forever to get anywhere. Although I was in my truck, I really don't think it would have mattered. I found that taking route 32 is a very good one. Its a little out of the way but hey, are you in a hurry to get down there? Enjoy yourself on the way down. Nice scenery not to boring and nice nice roads to ride on.. A few hills and curves and not to much traffic ...

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    Route 35 no way!!

    I would take Route 68 off 35, and travel to route 32, and then take route 73 to portsmouth. This is a good mix of roads, and lets visitors see a good bit of the countryside of Ohio. I have traveled these roads for many years and enjoy them. If you wish to see an excellent example of pre historic american earth works, follow Rt 73 from hillsboro south east, and you will come upon Serpent Mound, an earth effigy that looks like a snake swallowing an egg. There is an observation tower, and museum on site. I would really recommend this as a side trip on the way to the rally. I have just recently purchased my first BMW, and I am considering making a day trip to Charleston from Cincinnati where I live. if I am allowed I will permit anyone to email me with any questions.

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    Rt. 35 in WV is a two lane road heavily traveled by trucks. Its nice with some nice scenery and the river on one side. just be careful with the traffic.


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